How To Rock A Short Cut

Get the weight off your shoulders with a summer haircut
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Sleeves transition to straps, jeans become shorts and sweaters are traded for swimsuits.  We make wardrobe adjustments as summer heat envelops us, and the same mindset can apply to your hair.

Beat the heat with one of many trending short styles, including shags, pixies, bobs, lobs, mohawks and even the shaggy mullet. Before you balk at the last option, think Scarlett Johansson, Zendaya and Miley Cyrus, who have experimented with this style.

Kevin Hamilton, owner and stylist at Salon IQ, and Sherrie Clark, owner and stylist at Fuel-A-Salon, both suggest consulting with your stylist on the best option for you. Some questions to ask include: Are you ready for this change? How much maintenance will this style require? What products will you need to use? Considering your hair’s texture, what will it do if it’s short?

“Hairstylists are there to tailor the haircut to the individual,” said Clark. “When you have a consult with us, we take into account your face shape, head shape, fashion style, your lifestyle, how long you want to spend styling your hair, your hair texture and more in order to choose a style that aligns.”

Whether your hair is long, short or somewhere in between, Hamilton advises adding layers or texturizing as ways to shed some weight and add airy movement without doing a complete hairstyle overhaul.

Styling is often key. Gels, pastes and waxes provide volume and a textured yet tousled look that appears effortlessly, perfectly windblown. It’s as if you spent the day at the beach or rolled out of bed looking good.

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Clark suggests short hair wearers should invest in products such as spray wax by Wax Blast 10 to accentuate textured cuts, Short Sculpt 19 texturizing gel for adding attitude to a pixie cut or a cream paste like Mess Around 10, which gives soft definition to layers.

By using a protective or rebuilding shampoo and conditioner and UV and heat protection anti-humidity spray, you can protect your hair from the sun’s rays as well as heated hair tools.

You can enjoy the short and long of hair with extensions. They have come a long way and are available with clip-in, glue-in and sew-in options. Clark suggests HALO extensions, which are removable hair extensions that add length and fullness.

If you’re not committed to going the distance for short hair, consider utilizing up-dos.

“A simple power pony or top knot are quick up-dos that can become your best friend in those hot summer months,” Hamilton said. “Adding some teasing to a sleek high pony can make all the difference.”

We all know the women with the carefully coiffed “messy bun.” With some texturizing, teasing and practice you, too, can rock an upward do. Braids are especially popular in the summer months, allowing you to channel your inner mermaid or Bo Derek. Or compromise with a half-up/half-down style that removes some weight from your neck while still framing your face.

Summer seems the ideal time to try something new and get away with it. Lighten, loosen and love a new length with the help of a trusted stylist.

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