Houseplants for your outdoor spaces

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Summertime is here, which means it is safe to bring your tropical plants out of the dry, dimly lit corners of your home and into warm, brightly lit outdoor spaces. Houseplants will most likely flourish when kept outside in the heat and humidity, so why not liven up your porch with their presence? 

The biggest key to success: light! Correct lighting is always key when placing a plant, whether it be inside or out. If you have a mostly shaded porch that gets morning sun or all-day dappled/filtered light, then you are in luck. The majority of houseplants grow in these light conditions. Whether it be climbing in trees or growing along the forest floor, these plants don’t need full sun, which is why we can grow them in our homes.

Examples of houseplants that would do well on a shaded porch include Monstera, Philodendron, Aglaonema, Sansevieria and Dracaena. Sunnier porches and patios with afternoon or all-day sun require different plants that are more accustomed to that amount of light. Palms are a great choice and can quickly create a tropical ambiance around a pool or sitting area. Areca Palm, Ponytail Palm, Fishtail Palm, and Phoenix roebelenii (Pygmy Date Palm) all do well in full sun to part shade. 

One important thing to keep in mind when moving indoor plants outside into full sun is that you need to slowly acclimate them. A Ponytail Palm that has been growing in a desert all of its life can take full sun all day, but not your Ponytail Palm. Yours has been sheltered and protected from harsh light, so suddenly placing it in the bright afternoon sun will most likely cause it to burn.

This acclimation process may take a few weeks, during which you should place your plant in a couple of hours of morning sun, and then return it to shade for the rest of the day. Slowly increase the amount of sun exposure until your plant is flourishing and happy in its new spot. 

Have questions about houseplants and the perfect placement for yours? Stop by the Greenhouse at Tallahassee Nurseries — we’d love to chat with you and set you up for houseplant success!

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