Halfway Presentable

Stay-at-home trend has redefined business casual
FSU head baseball coach Mike Martin Jr. flashes signs of COVID couture whereby folks who may be camera-ready up top let their southern hemispheres go south. Photo by Alex Workman.

I once knew a broadcast journalist who confessed that he delivered the news in a coat and tie visible to viewers and shorts and sandals below the desk. Recent events led me to think about him for the first time in years. Like many of you, I have been Zooming into meetings in hybrid fashion. Limited to working from home, former office denizens have been wearing out slippers and finding little reason to depart from blousy trousers. Zoom has added more than 50 million users during the COVID-19 pandemic, which also has brought about a Twitter feed, Room Rater, which assigns scores to the home decors of people seen on small screens. We have appreciated the opportunity to connect virtually, while discovering all that is lost when we cannot interact face to face. The Workmans production company, with images appearing here, sought to put smiles on faces in the midst of tragedy. We think they succeeded. —Steve Bornhoft

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