Tips for packing light during your summer travels.How to lighten your load when travelingSix tips to help you pack like a pro

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Whether you’re a frequent business traveler or a family headed out on vacation, the real estate inside your suitcase(s) can be more valuable than a condo on the beach. There are plenty of people who manage a week-long trip with nothing but one carry-on and a cell phone. You’ve seen them. You’ve envied them. Follow these simple tips and you can join their burden-free ranks. 

  1. Basic rule: If you think you might need it, you probably won’t.
  2. Color coordinate, and don’t take anything that can’t mix and match.
  3. Opt for convertible clothing. Many companies make pants that become shorts once the legs are zipped off. A product called the Infinite Dress ( can be worn, its designer says, in more than 100 different ways. There are garments that can be worn variously as skirts, pants or shorts.
  4. Wrinkle-resistant and fast-drying fabrics, such as washable silk or one of the modern microfibers, are your best friends.
  5. When packing your clothes, fold them in half and then roll them up until they look like batons. Then tie the same category of clothing together with thick rubber bands.
  6. Carry the travel/sample size of toiletries, if not a smaller amount in an appropriately sized container. Hint: Try measuring the amount of toiletries you use for a week or two.


Siteseeing Are you one of the packing-challenged? This informative Web site has countless tips for maximizing your suitcase space – there are even tips on selecting the most efficient suitcase. From travel-friendly, mix-and-match clothing to suggestions on versatile electronics to packing lists and articles, this site will educate you on everything there is to know about lightweight travel. The travel section of the online Skymall catalog has everything the frequent traveler could need – and it’s designed to travel well. For instance, they offer plastic barbells that can be filled with water to add weight; collapsible computer workstations; and an assortment of travel pillows. One of our favorites: the lightweight portable washing machine the size of an ice bucket! The Department of Homeland Security maintains a site with invaluable information about the latest in airport security regulations. Their “Can I Take It With Me?” list details those items – such as baseball bats, pliers and pepper spray – that you cannot take in your carry-on, as well as items that are now considered OK like nail clippers, safety razors and knitting needles.

More sites for packing prowess:,,,, and


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