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A Mother’s Day ReflectionMary and Jay’s Mom Speaks: A Mother’s Day Reflection

By Rosanne Dunkelberger 

I am most fortunate in my children. My son and daughter are two of my favorite people in the world and, as anybody who has ever read my Christmas letters will attest, I brag on them at length and with great gusto.

I’ve enjoyed them watching them grow and progress through every stage of their young lives (OK, I’ll admit toddlerhood wasn’t exactly good times) – although I sure wouldn’t want to do it over again.

They’re both sophomores – he’s 20 and in college, she’s 16 and in high school. Jay is double majoring in math and physics and taking classes so advanced I don’t even know what the names of them mean (like “Combinatorics”). But what I like best about him is the complete enjoyment he takes in education. School has never been a grind for Jay; he likes learning. I recall with great fondness his intellectual enthusiasms throughout the years – from weather to stock-car racing to languages to his latest, gravitational waves.

Mary is a different sort of accomplished. She’s a fine artist, but I think it comes from her incredible powers of observation. She “sees” better than just about anybody I know, both in the physical sense and in her ability to comprehend everything – from the deeper meaning of a book to the nuances of a social situation. She’s sassy and droll and great fun to talk to.

I enjoy their successes – and will take total credit for them when Mother’s Day rolls around this year. Why not? If they were juvenile delinquents, I’d be getting all the blame. Since it’s glory that’s being reflected, I’ll take the opportunity to bask in it.

Who am I kidding? I realize that my kids have been blessed with a lot of luck, good genes, a caring father, great teachers – and a legacy of good parenting that was handed down through generations from both sides of the family.

My parents raised four children. Not always perfectly, but always motivated by love. I’ve pardoned their imperfections and mistakes and anticipate my children will do the same for me (since, heaven knows, I’ve had plenty of both) as time goes by.

All of which is to set up this issue’s nod to Mother’s and Father’s Day with profiles in – of all places – the business section!

What a spectacular compliment it would be to have a child be drawn to the same vocation as his or her parent. And how wonderful to be able to work with your child as an adult.

I’ll never know. My children are in turns mystified, horrified and often embarrassed (usually by me mentioning them in columns like this) by the fact that both their parents have chosen careers in publishing. Both seem to be running screaming in the opposite direction of anything having to do with reporting and writing.

Although they probably will never work together, there is a very good chance my husband and son will team up for a few rounds of golf this summer. Writer Danny Cobb had the difficult task of choosing the holes that would make for the best round of golf Tallahassee has to offer. It took a few “research rounds,” but he’s come up with a “Dream 18.” See if your favorites are on his list.

This issue is a behemoth, with lots of stories that are all over the map. I’m hard-pressed to limit myself to a few favorites, so you’ll have to see for yourself.

And if you are a parent, enjoy your day. If you have a parent, send a little love their way.

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