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A word from Editor Rosanne Dunkelberger Now Showing on a Computer Screen Near You

By Rosanne Dunkelberger

When it comes to modern machinery, I’m of two minds. It’s a techno-schizophrenia perhaps best exemplified by my efforts to make digital recordings on my big-screen TV.

I love, love, love my HDTV, my DVR, my HBO and my On Demand video. But turning the thing on is a two-remote, four-step process I have yet to master. I often have to recruit the teen in the house to get ITV’s “Footballers’ Wives” on the screen. And there’s no way I can make the DVD player work without her help.

In my career as a writer, I (barely) missed the era of the manual typewriter. I started out as a cub reporter on an IBM Selectric and recall that little ball of type bouncing around in a metal housing so sturdy, it surely would work even after being dropped off a desktop – and possibly out of a second-story window.

Ultimately, I moved on to a series of computers – the first with a clunky monitor and green letters – to my latest, a sleek Mac laptop. I sit in front of it at least eight hours a day. It contains my work, my finances, my entertainment and my social life. But I still don’t know what “reboot” means or how to do it. (My preferred method is to whine at my assistant until she relents and does it for me.)

All of these old-school-vs.-modern-times ruminations are going somewhere: Finally, Tallahassee Magazine is online! That’s right: Power up, type in “,” and you’ll find all of the great stories in this issue of the magazine – on your computer screen.

And yes, I do think it’s a very good thing.

We’ve had a Web site for years, but its original incarnation was fairly static, with staff listings, mission statements and such. Now, Creative Director Larry Davidson has given the site a major upgrade. All the articles are there, along with many of the photos and illustrations. And if you want to share a story with a friend, e-mailing it is easy. In addition, only so many photographs can fit on a “Social Studies” page – but now you can check out the full array of shots from events around town.

Larry assures me that there’s more in store. He’s preparing a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and will make contacting us a one-click process. He also is working on calendar and dining-guide listings that will be useful and user-friendly. Another goal is to create a searchable database of articles that have appeared in past issues of the magazine.

We’re asking site visitors to register. Currently, it doesn’t mean much, but in the future we’re hoping to communicate with you by offering previews of upcoming stories. I’m also excited by the prospect of creating an easy, two-way communication with our readers. I envision asking for your story suggestions, as well as leads or sources for stories we’re planning.

The Web-based possibilities for Tallahassee Magazine are exciting, and I look forward to what the future will bring.

With my best wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season,


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