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A word from Editor Rosanne Dunkelberger Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

I am going to be an annoying old woman when I hit my dotage. You know, the one who tells the same stories that you’ve heard time and again, over and over.

{mosimage}Even though I’m smack in the middle of middle age, I know I’ve already subjected my girlfriends and coworkers to twice (or thrice, or – what, fourth?) told tales, as they listen – again – to another of my greatest hits: the day my daughter swallowed a Chinese coin, the best class I ever took in college, the 26 different flavors of gelato we ate while vacationing in Italy.

Usually they’re good sports and don’t interrupt when I natter on – unlike my children. When I begin a pontification they’ve heard before, the eyeballs start rolling, the sighs start blowing and – this happens more than I’d care to admit – they start in with “Yeah, yeah, we know. The most dangerous time on the road is not when it’s raining, but when the pavement is barely wet because . . .” and continue to quote me, chapter and verse. I guess I should give them a break, since 15 to 19 years of proximity have given me plenty of time to repeat myself.

Well, it’s been a year since I became the Captain Kirk of this Enterprise (although, on the metaphoric organization chart, I’m more like Scotty) in my position as editor. But before I set out to write this letter, I went back and reread my epistles from the past year – just to make sure I wasn’t going to repeat myself with this one.

It’s easy enough to do, since so many everyday life things have their season – like going back to school or football season or the annual wait for Tallahassee’s first fall-like day (always welcome when it comes, but usually an aberration followed by a few more weeks of summertime heat). And here at Tallahassee Magazine, we have our recurrent stories. Most notably in this issue, it’s the announcement of the winners of our reader’s choice poll, the “Best of Tallahassee,” now in its eighth year.

Because I was here for a year before being promoted to the editor’s position, this is the third installment of “Best of” I’ve worked on, and I’m not in the least bit jaded. I still wait anxiously for the results to see whether a perennial winner made it to the top of the heap for one more year, who’s new and, of course, if readers’ judgments concur with my own.

I’m also looking forward to my third trip to the events that are part of the March of Dimes’ Tallahassee Wine & Food Festival, being held this year Nov. 2-3. Of course, I’m particularly partial to the main event, Friday night’s “Best of Tallahassee” party. There’s an Oscar-night vibe as the winners pick up their trophies and pose for pictures. And then there’s wine – lots of wine – for sampling, delicious food and a few surprises, such as last year’s oxygen bar.

But our “Best of” list isn’t nearly all you’ll find in the pages of this big, beautiful issue. We get serious with a collection of stories about how crime-scene investigation really works and discuss the health risks connected with the mysterious Syndrome X. We have fun with stories about fall fashions and “slimnastic” seniors. And we offer hints about doable decorating.

There’s so much to read – turn the page and get started!

Rosanne Dunkelberger


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