Five Tips to Help Stick With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Got resolutions? Registered Nurse Lorri Pilkington, coordinator of health and nursing services for Leon County Schools, shares suggestions for long-term success:Five Tips to Help Stick With Your New Year’s ResolutionsSuggestions for long-term success:

1.    Focus on positive self-talk. Congratulate yourself every time you take a step toward your resolution goal. Be your own best cheerleader.

2.    Avoid berating yourself if you should fall back or break a resolution. Just brush yourself off and start over again.

3.    Stick to your resolution by considering it a promise to yourself, not a test of your willpower.

4.    Avoid situations that put you in temptation’s path. That means if you’re trying to lose weight, don’t go to the ice cream parlor.

5.    Keep a sticky note in a prominent place so that you see it every day – for example, on your bathroom mirror, next to your bed, on the visor of your car or on the refrigerator – to remind yourself of your resolutions.

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