First Course

The Tallahassee Garden Club presents its “Savory and Sage Cookbook”First Course‘Savory and Sage’ Hits the Spot

By Mike McLafferty

Being a career woman can be laborious; work, endless errands, family time … and then you’re expected to find time to cook.

The Tallahassee Garden Club comes to the rescue with an extensive compilation of family-friendly recipes in its cookbook, “Savory and Sage.” The book features more than 400 pages of recipes and, as a special addition, is filled with month-by-month gardening tips from the collective wisdom of the club’s members. (It’s May – time to plant begonias, impatiens, jacobinia and coleus in the shade, they say.)

“We really wanted to help out women who like to cook and garden but weren’t sure about a lot of things,” says Joy Hevey, past president of the Tallahassee Garden Club. “So we organized this book as a way to help them and raise awareness for the club.”

The recipes in “Savory and Sage” range from buffalo wings to quiche to Creole shrimp. There isn’t an uninteresting recipe in the bunch, but shown here is an easy-to-create Rosemary Cake, which adds the savory herb to the batter and the cake’s cream-cheese icing.

“Savory and Sage” costs $18 and can be purchased through the Tallahassee Garden Club by calling (850) 224-3371, or at Native Nurseries (where this tasty tableau was photographed), Tallahassee Nurseries and Borders.

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