Evening Rose

Evening Rose. You’ve heard the name before. Driven past its low-key front entrance every day on your way to work. The whole place just never took off. The aftermath of a poor economy, you thought. Unfortunate timing. Or something like that.

And for a long time those observations would have been true. 

Now under new ownership, this “in-town” community is starting to come to life. Petite designer homes exude upscale causal comfort, and the lush gardens of proud new homeowners are popping up in intermittent locations throughout the development. More tellingly, the last two homes sold faced multiple offers from eager buyers. 

It wasn’t easy to turn things around for this patch of land off of Capital Circle Northeast, originally conceived during the height of the ill-fated housing bubble, circa 2006. But after years of faithful and silent observation, visionary Gary Zins, president of Evergreen Communities, purchased the remaining residential land in December 2012, after the original owner and developer had had enough of hanging on to the seemingly irreconcilable real estate industry. The sale allotted Evergreen over 80 single-family home sites. 

Even in the darkest of days, Zins saw the property’s potential. 

“We thought it was fundamentally a sound project in that we could successfully re-launch it,” said Zins. “It had all the ingredients to be successful. It was a good plan, an attractive design and an in-town location. There’s easy access to a large array of shopping, schools and employment.” 

He has a point. The relaxed community features a variety of components. First and foremost, every home is crafted with quality in mind — a detail made clear during even the briefest of drives through Evening Rose’s winding streets. Second, the entrance was designed to play host to a number of desirable retail and dining options as well as a charter school. Currently The Egg, a favorite breakfast eatery, and The Imagine School, a K-8 charter school, have taken up residency there. 

“Our overarching design philosophy was quality over quantity,” shared Zins, after confessing that he and business partner wife, Julie Zins, drew much of their inspiration from design experts like Sarah Susanka, author of the “The Not So Big House.”

Whatever approach this entrepreneurial couple has subscribed to appears to be working, as buyers of all ages flock to this up-and-coming community. 

Take Philip Scott-Smith for example. A previous Tallahassee resident, Scott-Smith met and married wife Christine in the 1970s at Florida State. Though fate filled their life with travel, Tallahassee always felt like home. And after a trip over from their long-time residence in Guam and an early morning tour through Evening Rose with their real estate agent, they were sure it was. 

“We immediately fell in love with this house,” Scott-Smith said of his new home. “It was fairly early in the morning, the light was streaming into the community and we opened the door to the model. Having been raised in the New York area I was immediately taken back to my childhood. With the wood floors and Craftsman style of construction and décor, it was as if someone had just opened up the door to the home of our dreams. We both fell in love with it. Absolutely in love.”

Quick Look

The Charleston 
Address: 3461 Genevieve Park Drive
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Year Built: 2013
Lot Dimensions: 61×132 sq ft
Floor area: 1,326 sq ft 

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