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Why travel halfway around the world when some of the best wedding destinations are right here?

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Why travel halfway around the world when some of the best wedding destinations are right here?

Destination weddings are a growing trend, and as more and more television shows about weddings crop up, and more and more fabulous, over-the-top celebrations make their appearances before brides-to-be, the idea becomes more and more enticing. But there are some things to consider before you book your flight to Maui.

Do you want a huge wedding? When you envision your wedding, do you see all of your friends, family and coworkers gathered to celebrate your special day? If so, a destination wedding might not be the best option. A general trend in destination weddings is a small guest list.

Are you very attached to your place of worship? While it might seem obvious, it is important to recognize that if you’ve been going to the same place of worship all your life, a destination wedding will mean not being able to marry there. Depending on your destination, a similar venue might not even be available. That is something to be researched far in advance.

Do you like entertaining? A destination wedding means your special occasion will probably last for more than a day; it will probably span at least the weekend. If you would prefer to spend your time before and after the wedding relaxing with some personal time for you and your significant other, a destination wedding might actually not be your best choice. Your friends and family will need something to do while they are there, and it will most likely be you and your new spouse as hosts who must provide the entertainment or itinerary.
Depending on how you feel about these things, a destination wedding might or might not be for you. If you want a destination wedding with far less fuss and expense, why not consider making a shorter trip to somewhere equally beautiful? Closer destinations within Florida can keep your budget and stress level low, while also making it easier to hold that big wedding with your specific church, allowing people to filter in and out of the destination as they desire. Bottom line: It’s easier and just as special.
Florida is filled with picturesque places for weddings. With clear water and lots of sun, Destin and Amelia Island are perfect spots for beach weddings — and less than a three-hour drive away. The newly renovated chapel at Honey Lake Plantation provides a gorgeous rustic backdrop to more traditional indoor weddings. St. Augustine’s classic charm is sure to set a cheerful, romantic mood for the big day.

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