Creating the Big Picture of Health Care, One Story at a Time

‘Micro’ Medical

“All politics is local.”

It’s a truism that’s been around for decades and refers specifically to, well, politics. But the notion that big, overarching policies can be trumped by personal, everyday concerns is one that also resonates in the realm of health and medicine.

Love it, hate it or — in the case of most of us — don’t understand it, the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was just something politicians fought about until Uncle Bill, who had a kidney transplant, was able to buy health insurance. Or, conversely, you were navigating around and pulling your hair out trying to understand the nuances of different policies — and how in the world you were going to pay for it.

Medicare was a line on the pay stub until, one day, you looked up and were closing in on your 65th birthday. Cancer was something that happened to other people — and then your world was forever changed by a diagnosis affecting you or a loved one.

Think of this feature package as sort of a photomosaic — those big pictures that, when you look at them, are actually composed of thousands of tiny little snapshots. Like the photomosaic, there are thousands of health-related stories in our hometown. We can’t tell them all, but we’re hoping to capture the big picture of health care in our area with a collection of seven “micro” stories.

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