COCA Introduces Online Art Gallery

Virtual art gallery welcomes more artists than ever before
Wiltsher Dancing Crown
Courtesy of the Council on Culture & Arts

Experiencing art may be a bit different now, but it’s no less abundant. While you may not be able to stroll through an art museum or attend a concert, many art avenues are moving to an online format. COCA is doing so with the Creative Tallahassee art exhibit, which will now take place online. 

From July 1 until Sept. 14, this special gallery celebrating the skill, talent, ingenuity and creativity of some the Big Bend’s most experienced and exciting artists will be on display. This is an annual multimedia show that features a variety of established and emerging artists. 

Typically, the gallery could be viewed at the City Hall Art Gallery, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused the gallery to close temporarily. Fortunately, COCA decided to move the gallery online. Due to space constraints, the physical gallery only had space to display 50 works of art. But with no space limitations online, they were able to include all 93 applicants and their 254 paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, textiles and more. 

“While I’m disappointed that we aren’t able to present this exhibit to gallery goers in person, our community’s safety is our first priority,” said Amanda Karioth Thompson, assistant director of COCA. “By creating an online experience, we can keep folks safe and showcase many more artists.”

For more than 25 years, COCA has curated rotating art exhibitions as part of the City of Tallahassee’s Art in Public Places program. COCA manages and oversees the City Hall and Artport galleries and those physical spaces showcase a wide variety of works created by artists in the Big Bend. 

“This is a remarkable moment in history, and I hope these extraordinary artworks serve as a reminder of the ongoing beauty in our world,” said Thompson.

The artists with featured work are: Those artists are: AJ Abellera, Rex Adams, Mike Alfano Jr., Natalia Andreeva, Beth Appleton, Linda Armstrong, Inger Avant, Rita Barker, Ken Barker, Lydia Bell, Stephen Bennett, Kabuya P. Bowens-Saffo, Kiley Brandt, Lanny Brewster, Debra Brienen, Randy Brienen, Marina Brown, Joy Brown, Jeff Byers, Alice Cappa, Lisa Cesare, Mary Chong, Jennifer Clinard, Lisa Co, Leslie Cohen, Sara Crayton, James Daniels, Mignon Deshaies, Diane Dyal, Judith Ehrhardt, Joyce Estes, April Fitzpatrick, Brenda Francis, Thomas Friedman, Gigi Gaulin, David Gilbertson, Channing Gray, Gerald Grow, Alexa Harkness, Tenee’ Hart, Jennifer Haskins, Hunter Hayes, Michael Henderson, Bill Humphries, Khanh Huynh, Laura Joanos, Lillian Johnson, Nancy Jones, Evan Kelley, Michele Tabor Kimbrough, Jennifer Lange, Rick Laurienzo, Mary Jane Lord, Emma Martin, Janice Ecinja McCaskill, Bernita McCormick, Lee McHugh, William McKeown, Felita McNeill, Sophie Mills, Ken Misner, Yoshiko Murdick, Adieren Narro, NED, Elvi Nichols, Ruth Nickens, Rob Nixon, Jennifer Odom, Janice Ouimet, Brinda Pamulapati, Kent Putnam, Michael Riffle, Dewey Riou, Jeff Ripple, Bri Rodriguez, Jim Russell, Rayna Sassano, Rick Shopfner, Beverly Sipos, Robert Smith, Sue Stelzmann, Scott Steppan, Karen Stewart, Anna Svitsa, Mikiko Tanaka, Dan Taylor, Walter Thorner, Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, Randy Traynor, Cassie Tucker, Doell West, Kathleen Wilcox, and Harris Wiltsher.

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