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Create a senior-friendly home where loved ones can age comfortablyCheck It OutAging Comfortably

By Jay Christie

Everyone ages. To that end, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Living at home can help older family members feel contented. By incorporating some small changes into interior design and furniture choices, you can help elders stay independent longer in a safe, comfortable and familiar environment.

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To relieve eye strain, be sure there is plenty of lighting. By placing wall switches at the entrance of every room, seniors will be able to control lighting at their convenience, which can help visibility.

Another way to increase visibility is to choose furnishings in hues that contrast with their backgrounds. Enliven walls in blues, greens and whites to help rooms appear larger.

Seniors feel at ease in a room all their own – namely, their bedroom. Bedrooms are personal space, and by customizing the furnishings, you can help your older family member feel more at home. Choose a comfortable bed that is easy to get into and out of.

Remember to keep pathways clear. Get rid of small accessories or plants that can clutter hallways and require individuals to walk around to avoid. Easy storage is a fundamental requirement, but remember to provide storage that doesn’t require a great amount of bending or straining.

By incorporating these tips into your home, you can make it both a comfortable and an enjoyable place to be.

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