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Take an inventory of your home before hurricane seasonCheck It OutThe Story On Home Inventory

By Mike McLafferty 

With the start of hurricane season looming, it’s time to take a home inventory of your belongings. While hurricanes are few and far between in Tallahassee, having an up-to-date and detailed account of your treasured possessions can make the recovery process a far less stressful experience in case of fire, theft or other natural disasters.

Most people don’t realize it, but taking an inventory of your belongings can help show your insurance company exactly what was lost in the case of an emergency and can help speed up the process for a fast and fair payment for your damages. Home inventories also make great documentation for tax deductions when claiming your losses.

The American Red Cross recommends that you photograph each item in your home and provide a detailed written account. It is beneficial to make your description as comprehensive as possible; include the make, model, serial numbers, receipts, and date of purchase of each item in your inventory.

Update your home inventory after any major purchases, holidays or birthdays, so it will always be current. You should keep your list stored in a safe place far enough away that it won’t be lost in the same event that has damaged your home, but close enough to you that it is easily accessible after the event.

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