Away from the Office

Tallahassee Business Journal  July-August 2008Away from the Office

Compiled by Jason Dehart

TECHNOLOGY Travel Must-Haves to the Rescue
Traveling is stressful these days as long lines at baggage check-in, security, flight delays and cancellations, lost luggage and traffic jams all add to the anxiety. You might not have control over these problems, but being well organized and well equipped can prevent a lot of self-imposed stress. That’s where new technology comes into play. has a few new gadgets that can provide the travel preparedness solutions you seek. One such device is the Power Station Traveler, a multi-gadget charging device that can power up your cell phone, iPod or GameBoy. The Power Station Traveler can charge up to three small portable devices simultaneously and allows you to tote fully functional electronics with ease. Other handy – but not very technical – items to have on hand are Velcro ties, cable wraps and cinch straps. These low-tech helpers can fasten and secure travel items and assure that they remain neat, orderly and in good condition upon arrival. They even come in different colors, making color-coding your kit easy and quick. Go to for more.
Something You Learned in Kindergarten

Remember lying down for the afternoon nap? How refreshing it was, and how recharged you felt? Turns out, a quick power nap in the afternoon – say 15 to 20 minutes – may be good for you as an adult, too. Dr. Sara Mednick, of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif., indicates that a nap helps cells repair themselves, benefits heart function and is good for hormonal maintenance. Even NASA has taken notice; space scientists say that while naps don’t aid alertness, they do help your memory. Research at the Salk Institute suggests that with a nap, you have higher brain activity during the day – but without one, brain activity declines. Overall, studies say a midday nap reduces stress, increases reaction time and efficiency, and may even help productivity. Business executives, pilots, athletes and even soldiers in combat take catnaps before taking to the field. Now, if only the boss could arrange for some fingerpainting in the break room.

HEALTH Goodbye, Jet Lag?

Jet lag – that fatiguing sense of loss of time and energy – has plagued business travelers for years. Now, there might be a method for preventing this phenomenon naturally, using pressure points.
The new method is explained in a guidebook, “Jet Lag Passport.” Applying pressure to a few easily reached points with the fingertips, combined with specific thoughts, can bring the body into balance, says the author, Daimon Sweeney.
“Like many breakthroughs, this approach is based on an accidental discovery, but is proving successful,” Sweeney says. “It takes only a few minutes to stop jet lag and is easy for anyone to do. No drugs, scheduling, diet changes, devices or calculations are required. It even works with kids, and there’s a special section on using it with young children.”

Sweeney says there have been enough positive reports from people using this method that a survey has been considered to gather objective data. Participants receive the pressure-point instructions at no charge. For more information, send an e-mail to or call (360) 441-1195.

It’s OK To Go Away

There’s no need to feel guilty when you have to leave the office for a little R&R, according to Money magazine Senior Editor Sam Grobart, who suggests that good organization, efficiency and delegation of daily responsibilities are key to hitting the surf in good conscience.

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