Away from the Office

Tallahassee Business Journal  May-June 2008
Away from the Office

Compiled by Jason Dehart

GETAWAYSThe TSA Is Watching You

Got a weird twitch in your eye? You might want to get a shot of Botox before heading to the airport. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that the Transportation Security Administration has come up with a new way of identifying terrorists and criminals, based solely on facial expressions.

Called SPOT, or Screening Passengers by Observation Technique, this method of detecting villains relies on the quick assessment of microfacial reactions to simple questions such as “How was your trip?” If a traveler so much as blinks the wrong way, he or she could be pulled aside for “secondary screening.”

“When someone lies or tries to be deceptive … there are behavior cues that show it. … a brief flash of fear,” says Carl Maccario of the TSA.


TECHNOLOGY Get a Jump on Your Computer

Space and time are at a premium, especially when packing for air travel. Bulky memory storage devices just don’t cut it; that’s why we have today’s “flash” and “jump” drives that allow you to carry all your computing needs in a package no bigger than a cigarette lighter.

One of the latest on the market is the Lexar JumpDrive Mercury, available in 1- and 2-gigabyte formats. What makes the JumpDrive Mercury stand out is an innovative exterior capacity meter that shows remaining storage space at a glance.

The device also includes PowerToGo portable applications software, which allows you to install and run most standard Windows applications. Take your personalized settings wherever you go, and advanced security software protects everything. (


New Computer Bag Tough as Nails

CODi has introduced a redesigned version of its Director-class laptop computer case.

Called the Director Executive Plus, the new case is made mostly of high quality, full-grain cowhide leather like its predecessor, but it’s now tougher and more durable than before thanks to ballistic nylon used to reinforce critical areas. The addition of the ballistic nylon makes the case lighter, so it tips the scales at just below 3 pounds.
The Director Executive Plus retails for $238. (

New Laptop Serious about Size

For years, designers and computer geeks lamented and waited for the day when a practical mini-PC — preferably one with long battery life — would become available. That day has arrived with the unveiling of the S-XGen Ultra Mobile Personal Computer, a new mini-PC from Seamless Internet. This 14-oz. laptop boasts an eight-hour battery life and a folding keyboard. The palm-sized computer features

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and tri-band cellular technology plus an Intel PXA 270 Xsale 520 MHz processor. With 256 MB of RAM, a 20 GB hard drive and Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, it ought to satisfy the pickiest traveling business executive. Price: $1,400 (


Exotic Diseases Await Careless Travelers
Protect your health while away on that long-distance trip to the Amazon with these helpful tips from
Check out the kind of health care available at your chosen destination, especially if you have a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment or medication. Also, investigate the fees of local medical facilities.
When taking out health insurance, check for factors such as annual and lifetime policy limits, exclusions applicable to you and your family, limitations to specific types of health care providers and coverage for emergency evacuation.
Before leaving, find out which inoculations or health certificates are necessary for entry and ask about any specific health risks in the country you are visiting. Diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, Hepatitis A and B, typhoid and cholera are common in many countries. However, the infection risk may vary considerably in different regions.

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