2014 Tallahassee Top Singles


Starting at 7 p.m. on Sat., August 23 at Hotel Duval, our Singles will be auctioned off in what has become one of the sexiest summer events in town. Food, drinks, music and more are the backdrop for this fun-loving event, now in its fifth year. And you have the chance to score a date with one of our Top Singles for the beginning of what may be the ultimate love connection. 

Meet the 2014 Singles

Ashleigh Amburn, 27

Charity: Hands and Hearts

“Ashleigh always makes everyone feel included. She is an incredibly loyal and trustworthy friend. She has a… Read More


Greg Bacon, 27

Charity: Rotary Youth Camp

“The rarest of the rare – an engineer with a personality. Gregory is always the class clown, he has made it his… Read More


Lauren Bacon, 23

Charity: Rotary International

“She is my little sister. In the last 3 years she hasn't seriously dated anyone. My thought is that with my support she may… Read More


Melissa Cleveland, 45

Charity: YMCA

“Melissa is the sweetest, most caring, gregarious, friendly, sincere, unselfish, and kind-hearted person I… Read More


Courtney Dunham, 24

Charity: Pray for Grayson

“Courtney is kind, helpful and devoted to her work with local boutique Cole Couture. She always thinks of… Read More


Nicole Hoskens, 23

Charity: Autism Speaks

“Nicole has an infectious attitude for life that moves people every single day. She is motivated and determined to… Read More


Eric Kemp, 35

Charity: Ronald McDonald House

“Eric is the life of any party and is always on the go. However, his infectious personality and enigmatic… Read More


Sarah Kelly, 24

Charity: Women of Hope

“Sarah is a hard working young professional who spends her week managing a busy calendar in government… Read More


Anna King, 27

Charity: Women’s Pregnancy Center

“Anna is dependable, friendly, funny, kind, selfless and a wonderful boss. I could not imagine working… Read More


Drew Longenecker, 27

Charity: Kidz1stFund

“Drew has been working in the FSU athletics marketing office since he graduated undergrad. He is a… Read More


Dedra Mitchell, 36

Charity: TMH Foundation to Benefit Diabetes Camp Scholarships for Children

“Dedra manages dual careers for more than 5 years (Sales Reps/ Real Estate). She loves to rehab homes… Read More


Antonio Rainey, 33

Charity: Capital City Youth Services

“Antonio is a great guy! He is smart, funny, and creative. We love having him on the NYP board as our community… Read More


Monica Rodriguez, 39

Charity: Children's Home Society

“Meet Monica…my adventure girl… From rock climbing to alligator hunting, Monica loves to experience life to the fullest… Read More


Amy Schwartz, 46

Charity: Boys Town

“Amy is a caring, great person. She works hard and makes others around her feel appreciated and… Read More


Marc Schwartz, 45

Charity: Burn Camp

“Marc makes working in his community a priority and genuinely cares about those around him.” Read More


Shep Sheppard, 44

Charity: Muscular Dystrophy Association

“People walk in and out of your life everyday. Some people move on through the heartache and pain, and… Read More


Ryan Smith

Charity: Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Big Bend

“Ryan would make an awesome Top Single. He is motivated, active in the community, a great friend… Read More


Winnie Wright, 24

Charity: Leon County Humane Society

“Winnie is special because she makes a point of getting to know everyone she interviews on a personal… Read More

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