Tallahassee's Star Turn

One to Watch: Stephen Baldwin

Sites throughout our fair city, including Railroad Square, The Moon, All Saints Café, The Other Side Vintage shop and Florida State University’s Goldstein Library, serve as the backdrop for a music video filmed here last December.

The song is “Break the Cycle” by contemporary rocker Cory Lamb, but the video’s director was the most recognizable face on the set, Stephen Baldwin. Best known as the youngest of the acting Baldwin brothers who appeared in the highly praised “The Usual Suspects” and the silly stoner film “Bio-Dome,” this video serves as Baldwin’s debut behind the camera.

“A lot of serendipity” brought the shoot to Tallahassee, says Baldwin, including the fact that Paul Cohen, director of FSU’s Torchlight Program, was his neighbor in New York. The Torchlight Program was created to introduce students to the marketing and distribution aspects of film making. Baldwin has had previous connections with FSU, teaching an acting seminar on campus and appearing at Torchlight screenings of three of his films on the Emerald Coast. “I worked with students then (and) they were incredible,” says Baldwin. “That prompted Paul and I thinking what might be some sort of production opportunity (and) this music video came along.”

Most of the crew involved in making the video are students from FSU’s film school, including the Director of Photography, Patrick Nissim, and the video’s editor.

Baldwin says he will continue his relationship with The Film School, doing production work on a documentary planned for this year.

To see the video, visit corylamb.com. Join Lamb’s mailing list and you can download “Break the Cycle” for free.

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