Millennials Take a Look Back at Their Hometown

A Vintage View

Tallahassee is growing up.

Neighborhoods are more defined; buildings are being constructed, restaurants and shops are proliferating; and Tallahassee’s cultural scene is booming. Leading the charge are groups of forward-thinking young professionals. Whether we were born and raised here, or chose Tallahassee as a place to settle down, we have big ideas, visions and plans for our hometown. We want it to keep that small-town feel — while at the same time creating something bigger, brighter and shinier. We work and watch with anticipation, but in the back of our minds we know the things that make Tallahassee so amazing are already here. 

Huge trees, rolling hills, beautiful, old, quiet architecture and hidden history is everywhere in this town, and I realized I often unknowingly pass it every day.

I started to wonder about Vintage Tallahassee. Growing up here, I had the pleasure of listening to my family talk about the high school I graduated from and how it has changed. I drove through the Los Robles gate every morning for 10 years, and I walked around Lake Ella more times than I could count — but I only know these places from my 30-something perspective: What was it like before me? 

And then I got to talking to Cliff Englert. Like me, Cliff grew up here, a member of a high-profile family that’s been here for five generations. He, too, grew up hearing the stories, and he knows and loves Tallahassee.

And, also like me, Cliff loves photography. While chatting one day about his Hasselblad camera, I had a brainstorm: Why not shoot photos of modern-day Tallahassee using a vintage camera? The photos in this story are the result of several weeks Cliff spent pedaling around town on his bike, trying to recreate those antique views for the “new” Tallahassee to appreciate. 

His beautiful images are brought to life by “old timers” who share their recollections of Tallahassee landmarks from years past.

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