Ely Rosario (Left): White cross-neck dress ($168) from Elle Market, Ed Levine SS medium glimmer necklace ($320) from The Gem Collection, SS perpetual cuff bracelet ($285) from The Gem Collection, SS medium olive earrings ($150) from The Gem Collection. Jamie Van Pelt (Center): Hart Schaffner Marx worsted wool blazer ($495) from Dillard’s, Ralph Lauren purple/white shirt ($98.50) from Dillard’s, Zac flat-front classic-fit light grey pants ($69.50) from Dillard’s, Cremieux Paisley Silk Pocket Square ($29.50) from Dillard’s, Cole Haan punch Gotham penny loafer Woodbury ($200) from Dillard’s, Rolex 39mm SS Explorer smooth bezel black 3 Arabic numerals ($6,550) from The Gem Collection.
Allyce Heflin (Right): Aztec jumpsuit ($90) from Elle Market, 24KY oxidized SS “Kelly” small diamond necklace by Lika Behar ($860) from The Gem Collection, 14 KY & oxidized silver diamond round & square scroll ring ($695) from The Gem Collection, 18 L & 22 k gold/oxidized silver diamond cuff by Sydney Lynch ($1,290) from The Gem Collection. Photo by Lawrence Davidson