Caroline Brevard School

commentary by Alice Englert

In 1931 I started school in the most beautiful building I had ever seen. Now, 82 years later, it still ranks high on my list.

The classrooms were large, filled with desks, a blackboard and lots of sunshine coming through the many windows. The wide hallways had satin-like wooden floors. A very large room doubled as a cafeteria and meeting room for announcements, group singing, plays and other entertainment. We could bring a bag lunch from home or buy the most delicious corned beef sandwich I have ever eaten and a small carton of milk.

I loved my teachers and many years cried at the end of school because the next year I would be with others. However, for me the playground was the best place of all. Outside there was ample space for games of kickball, tag, jump rope … or just for running. Best of all were the monkey bars. You had to stand in a long line — or race out to be first. There were a few areas where we could play marbles or sit on the ground to play jacks.

I’m sure if you listen closely, even today, the walls echo the laughter made by young children who learned to love school in that very special building.