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Select Specialty Hospital

1554 Surgeons Drive, Tallahassee,
Specialty: Hospital


Our mission at Select Specialty Hospitals is to provide the highest quality health care and cost effective outcomes by providing specialty inpatient acute care services to those we serve while providing a positive and fulfilling work environment for the staff.

Core Values

  • We deliver superior quality in all that we do.
    At Select Specialty Hospitals, we set high standards of performance for ourselves and for others. We provide superior services to our patients. We continually strive to uphold and improve our reputation for excellence.
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated.
    At Select Specialty Hospitals, we treat each other with respect and promote a positive environment where people feel valued. We are honest and open in our relationships and straightforward in our communications.
  • We are results-oriented and achieve our objectives.
    At Select Specialty Hospitals, we are focused and decisive in achieving our mission and aiding our patient’s to achieve their goals. We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions. We are accountable for using our time, talents, and resources effectively for the best outcomes of our patients.
  • We are team players.
    At Select Specialty Hospitals, we work together to achieve our objectives. We do our share of the work compassionately and with superior quality. We share a common goal; the betterment of our patient’s lives. We give honest feedback and accept constructive criticism. We confront difficulties directly and maintain positive working relationships.
  • We are resourceful in overcoming obstacles.
    At Select Specialty Hospitals, we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to meet challenges we encounter. We are open to change and handle pressure with poise. We are flexible, adaptable, and able to learn from our experiences.