Tallahassee Magazine - March-April 2013


Java. Brain juice. Battery acid. Day-starter. No matter what your pet name for it is, coffee is a permanent fixture of our daily lives.

What Would the Dowager Do?

“If it’s not good history, it’s not good drama,” Florida State University history professor Dr. Charles Upchurch told a rapt audience of “Downton Abbey” superfans at WFSU’s December fundraiser at the Challenger Learning Center.

A Splash of Zany

You’ve probably never seen a chartreuse dog — unless you’ve spotted one in a Pattie Maney painting — and wow, that green pup pops against the azalea-pink background.

Hello Kugel

Allow us to introduce Kugel. Delicious Jewish home cooking with ingredients ranging from apples to cabbage and Noodles to Matzoh.

Go After What’s Due You

If you don’t discuss money before you do business … you’ll discuss it after you’ve given away your product or service and your bargaining position will be worse.