The St. Mark’s Lighthouse is a popular subject for Wallheiser’s art photography. This photo is actually more than 30 exposures “stacked” atop each other. Wallheiser carefully placed the camera with the star Polaris behind the top of the lighthouse so the other stars appeared to be swirling as they moved across the night sky. “This is the culmination of four night shoots all night …. It is a series of two-minute exposures over the course of several hours. I go around and shine my flashlight on the buildings, trees, … but I also put strobes on the ground with blue gels — basically I paint (with light) what I want to show up. That’s all trial and error. I’ve got to go back when there is no moon. This is a lot harder than I thought and taking a lot more reshoots. I’ll go back a little further and use a wider lens so I can get the top of the circle and the star trails reflected in the water.”