30 Years: Evolution Series

We’re back with another installment of “Evolution,” this time exploration how transportation, kids’ lives and the performing arts scene have changed over the years in TallahasseePlaying, Performing and Public/Private Transportation

At first glance, kids, artists and bus drivers don’t seem to have much in common. If anything unites them, perhaps it’s the simple fact that there are more of them today than ever before. More schools have been built, more artists have moved into town and, on the transportation front, the car counts keep rising and bus ridership has recently jumped 500 percent. Other things have changed over time too. Tallahassee now has a symphony, all its schools are air conditioned and its roads have multiplied and gotten wider. Our city is becoming a more cosmopolitan place, and the shape of life for everyone continues to evolve.


Growing Up in Tallahassee
Technology, Society and New Opportunities are Just Part of Childhood in the New Century

30 Year Badge

Standing the Test of Time
Times Change How We Think About Going Places – and What We Use to Get There

30 Year BadgeStanding the Test of Time
Cooperation Strengthens Tallahassee’s Arts Organizations







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