September-October 2012

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Could Sitting at Work be Killing You?

A new phenomenon in the workplace, the stand-up desk is an easy-to-assemble attachment that makes sitting a bad habit of the past.

Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary

In the past few years, the number of animals and birds needing help at Goose Creek Wildlife Sanctuary has grown by a couple of hundred each year.

What does a chef bring to a tailgate?

Sage Owner and Executive Chef Terry White kicks off the football season the right way.

Geraldine’s Serves Up Country Charm

Whether you’re wanting breakfast, lunch or something sweet and spreadable, Geraldine Rudd is ready to serve it up with a friendly smile.

Keep Your Salad Days Healthy

By the time you add some avocado, croutons, bacon, cheddar cheese and blue cheese dressing, your salad could have more calories than a Big Mac.

The New To-Go

Enjoy good food on the go.

Paddle Crazy

The joys of one-person-powered paddling.

Love.Read.Learn! Journal

A helpful gift for moms and babies.

The "TBUF" Year

But for one almost-forgotten postwar academic year 66 years ago, a reluctant University of Florida grudgingly agreed to share a campus in Tallahassee.

The Buzz

SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER: who’s where and what they’re doing.

Visit Northwest Florida Beaches Fall 2012

Travel to the Northwest Florida coast after the peak summer season.

It’s (Still) Alive!

Vampire appliances put the bite on your electric bill.

Don’t Get Nailed by Home Improvement

When Do It Yourself is a good idea.

Fun Factoids about Halloween

The No. 1 costume for kids last year was a princess. For adults it was a ... Enjoy these frightfully good facts and not-so-spooky stats relating to Halloween.

KCCI: The Catalysts of Cascades Park

With many projects aimed at enlivening historic downtown, plans for the environmental remediation and rejuvenation of the area begged for the community’s input.

40 Years With Andy

After four decades as a restaurateur on the same corner in Tallahassee’s Downtown, Andy Reiss has something to celebrate.

Dishing With Marsha Doll

With a spiky golden blonde hairdo, short skirt, sky-high heels, blinged-out jewelry and energy to spare, Marsha Doll is easy to pick out in a crowd.

FSU QBs: Where Are They Now?

As the Seminoles jump out to a hot start to the season, we catch up with some quarterbacks from years past. Plus, a look at Clint Trickett, the quarterback of the future.

25 Years of Mickee Faust

The self-described “community theater for the weird community” is a rollicking, raucous and occasionally randy cabaret show with a serious message.

Advice for Picking the Perfect Tree

What are the best trees to plant in the home landscape? Also, are there any tips on how to plant a tree? Ms. Grow-It-All answers your questions.

Down-Home, Upscale Tailgating

This year it's time to bring your tailgating A-game. Pop your collar, break out the plaid blankets and do it in style using some of the great ideas shown here.

Deer: Our Urban Neighbors

Did you know deer are crepuscular — most active around dusk and dawn? Consider this your field guide to getting to know the white-tailed deer who live among us.

We’ve Got Art in Public Places

Around town there are more than 140 sculptures, murals and windows, memorials and monuments. And now, for the first time, there is an online guide.

Smile, you’re on Live! In Tallahassee

Hosts Ann Howard and Joel Silver are always on the lookout for good times to highlight in their “Live! In Tallahassee” television show.

William Lamb Brings Prep to the South

Artist and designer William Lamb has collaborated with the iconic Brooks Brothers store to bring a Southern sensibility to the classic prep school style.

Youthful Leaders Making Their Mark

850 Magazine's 40 Under 40 include the CEO of a major hospital, a filmmaker and inventor, a marketing specialist, a financial planner, a hotelier and an entrepreneur.

Meningitis No Stranger to Tallahassee

In the fall of 2009, 18-year-old Lawson Mayfield was rushed to the hospital with what she thought was a migraine. Twenty-four hours later, she was dead.

Make an iPhone Fashion Statement

iDope makes its mark as a business for the customization and repair of iPhones and iPads.

Grab your Girlfriends and Enjoy Naples

If you’re willing to take the crew on a bit of a road trip, you’ll find the perfect Girlfriends’ weekend down Florida’s west coast in Naples.

An Ode to My Hair

Our author completed her chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer in May. We wish her a speedy re-growth!

Creating a Downtown is an Evolution

I urge our city planners, leaders and consensus makers to experience the way business and life intertwine to create something very special in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Ann Arbor: An American Beauty

If Ann Arbor were a movie star she would be Jennifer Garner — earthy, smart and as approachable as the-girl-next-door, but with an unexpected artsy edge.

Living La Vida Online

I wrote about Facebook within a year after Mark Zuckerberg started “The Facebook” and signed up as soon as you didn’t need a dot-edu email to join.

Movin’ and Shakin’ in the Capital City

Updates on J. Kimbrough Davis, Barbara Ray, Althemese Barnes, Randy Esponda, Pat Kitchen, Michael Parker, Jan Gaston, Cynthia Wright and others.