September-October 2010

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Head Coach and Family Man

A Bittersweet Gift

Saving Lives: Just Below The Surface

The mine roller, a device designed to locate and detonate IEDs in Afghanistan, was conceived, tested and implemented at the Naval Surface Warfare Center — Panama City Division, proving local engineers and defense contractors are the best the U.S. Marines have at producing the devices.

Bacon Fixation

Take a day to celebrate “meat candy.”

Welcome to The Best Steakhouse in Tallahassee

The Power in the Pills You Pop

Dangerous Habits to Have Behind The Wheel

Texting while driving gets all the attention, but there are plenty of other dangerous distractions.

At Home in the Atomic Ranch

Enjoy the wide-open (interior) spaces of Tallahassee’s Atomic Ranch homes.

Bugged By Bedmates

Inventive Fundraising

Giving the Gift of Health

Medical specialists donate their services to help the uninsured through the We Care Network.

Coach Pete’s 50th Anniversary

“Coach Pete” kicked off FSU football’s glory days with strategy — and lots of malapropisms.

The Last Living Link to Ghosts of Goodwood

“Miss Mattie” tells all about the ghosts of Goodwood.

What Can a Big-Headed Beaver, Karate or Violin Lessons Teach Children?

Remembering 9/11 in A Special Way

Q & A: Executives

The Adoption Option

After adopting six brothers, Deborah Polston encourages others to welcome orphans into their homes.

Jack Rudloe, The Modern Day Noah

The Birthday Girls, 106 Years of Wisdom

Life Lessons When the Game Changes

Black History In Your Own Backyard

Local historic sites highlight the contributions of African-Americans

2010 Best of Tallahassee