November-December 2012

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World Wide Window-Shopping

Etsy’s E-marketplace Gives Local Crafters an Outlet for Creativity. Wanda Brown and Rysa Ruth are creating unique game day dresses sold in their Etsy store.

It’s A Wrap

Need to buy a present but don’t know what to give? We’ve got your back. You’ll find inspiration galore in the 2012 Gift Guide.

A Christmas Crush on … Cranberries

Eat, drink — it’s cranberries! This merry berry is healthy, versatile and just the “zing” you need for a festive menu!

Talkin’ Turkey

Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving anymore. Join us in breaking down our favorite holiday bird.

Aiming to Serve Those Who Served

Eric Barron has big dreams for serving veterans in Tallahassee.

The Other Holiday

We devoted a lot of real estate to the holiday that comes before the “real” holidays — Veteran’s Day. Much more than a day off, its a day of remembrance.

Operation Normalcy

Three veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars talk about the challenges of deployment — and the challenges that awaited them when they returned.

One Brave Marine

Treva's: Where Dessert is the Star

Save room after your meal — you're going to want dessert at the recently opened café, Treva’s Pastries & Fine Foods.

Meet the Persimmon

A mystery to many, this versatile fruit, the persimmon, grows well in north florida

Going Vertical

Rock gyms prepare climbers for physical challenges and problem solving as well.

Movin’ and Shakin’ in the Capital City

News from the business community.

Keep an Attitude of Gratitude

Ever found yourself looking over your shoulder and comparing yourself, your relationship, your kids or your business/professional success to those around you?

Saying ‘Thanks’

Kids’ rules for saying “thank you.” Is the handwritten thank you note an absolute must or hopelessly passé? Our readers sent us their thoughts.

North America's first Christmas?

Did Spanish conquistador Hernando de Soto really celebrate North America's first Christmas in Tallahassee?

The Buzz

NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER: where to go when you want to be in the know.

A Taste for Fruit

Art collector Richard Puckett covets one artistic subject, created 70 different ways.

Energized Entrepreneur

Karen Moore understands what it takes to pursue passions in business and in life.

An American Horseman

From near and far, they bring their horses to Trey Young’s Wakulla County ranch for a little home training.

Countdown to 2013

It’s easy to find a party this New Year’s Eve.

Ken Lawson, The New DBPR

If you’re a licensed professional or you have a business in Florida, chances are your license comes from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Communication is Everything

In business, communication is king. Whether externally with or internally, communicating clearly and effectively is the roadmap to successful outcomes.

Computer + Idea + Time = Smart Marketing

By utilizing the internet, any small business can realize its potential before it ever opens its doors.

Get Your Gaming On

With easy access to gaming in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, you're sure to have a winning weekend.

Fall Fashion: Get Your Glitter On

December’s calendar is filling up with social events leading up to the blingiest holiday of the year — New Year’s Eve. Now’s the time to sparkle and shine!

Stats of the Season

From Thanksgiving through the holidays and into the New Year … here are a few fun facts to enjoy.

Spotlight: Handmade wreaths

Buy a Wreath, Support Our Seniors. Join us for “Deck the Halls” a holiday fundraiser to benefit the Tallahassee Senior Center

The Party’s Over, My Friend

Hangover advice. Bust the myths and try these helpful tips to feel better after your next big soiree.

The ‘Hag Phenomenon’

Recurring sleep paralysis might be a symptom of a deeper sleep disorder. Are your sleep-wake cycles normal?

Consultants: The Game Changers

When things get tough on the field of business, it may be time for a consultant, or a coach, to help restore perspective and purpose, or manage a complex system.

Take to the Woods

The St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge offers hunting opportunities in a unique setting

Jane Marks Discovers Local Deals

Jane Marks makes monthly shopping dates with best girlfriends to visits local retailers for fabulous finds.

Don’t Panic, It’s Just Doomsday!

Some simple tips to take the bite out of the end of the world — it IS ending, isn't it?

Decorated Pint-Sized Trees

Small trees offer big impact in a petite size. You'd be surprised what a touch of tinsel can do!

Gifting Gardners

When it comes to gift giving, gardeners are really easy to please.We'll help you decide what to give the gardener in your life.

Chiles' Journey of 1,000 Miles

How a Political Underdog Was Elected Senator ‘Walkin’ Lawton’ Chiles. The first steps of Lawton’s campaign.

A Very Manly Christmas

Holiday décor with a man in mind: JT Burnett’s Holiday Home Trimmings Coordinate With His Vintage-Style