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Courtesy of Marvin Windows and doors

Doors can also serve as windows on the world and lend a feeling of openness to interior spaces. Let’s be clear — in waterfront settings, there really is no alternative to glass, no matter how much Windex may be required.


Nick Schulz of Del Mar Company Inc.

Doors matter. Aside from their utilitarian roles, they play a huge part in the way your home looks. The front door provides visitors with that important first impression of your home. The side door is the one you use all through the day, going to work, carrying in groceries, taking out the recyclables. And even when the garage just houses one car, its door is a large feature that has a big impact on your home’s appearance.

Interior doors matter, too. While it’s true that all those open-concept spaces have made them less relevant, we still need some doors for privacy, notes Jeff Lowinski, vice president of technical services for the Window & Door Manufacturers Association.

Doors, both exterior and interior versions, are available in a dizzying variety of materials and styles. Lowinski’s advice is to start out learning about the structural properties of doors, and then proceed to style considerations.


Exterior door materials

Wood doors remain popular, primarily because of their natural good looks, and in luxe versions like mahogany and teak they’re impressive, but be forewarned. They work best under an overhang or in shade; weather takes a toll on them. Wood can crack and warp and requires annual maintenance. 

Fiberglass doors can mimic the look of wood doors so perfectly that even a door expert has trouble telling the difference, and they’re way tougher, stand up better to adverse weather, are energy-efficient and extremely low-maintenance. They cost a pretty penny, though. 

Steel doors, says Lowinski, are affordable and offer excellent security. Usually they feature a foam core for insulation, and they resist cracking and warping. However, in direct sunlight they can get too hot to handle.

Manufacturers offer so many options that your door can appear custom-made.And be brave with color. Bright colors for front doors are on trend. Or perhaps take a cue from feng shui, which advocates color choices according to the direction of the door. Who knew that a green or black door facing south brings good luck?

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