Music to Our Ears

Tallahassee marches to a new beat as music scene expands

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Cascading Scales

College students throw Frisbees on the green space, a couple picnics by the pond and on sunny days, children splash in the fountains at Cascades Park. In March of 2014, with the addition of the Capital City Amphitheater, the park became a destination for house music. 

Courtesy Visit Tallahassee

The Sundown Summer Concert Series at Cascades Park celebrated its second year in 2016. The annual event features live music, family activities, and food and beverage vendors.


“We want the public to have a good time, enjoy the music, the outdoors and the beauty of the setting,” said Pace. “The performance might be the entrée, but the ambiance makes it a memorable meal. There’s something special about a great concert accented with a sunset or a clear, star-filled night.” 

The public has definitely enjoyed many great concerts, with acts such as Alabama Shakes, The Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell, The Beach Boys, Boz Scaggs and Peter Frampton taking center stage. 

Cascades Park also embraces local and national acts for weekend events, such as the music-centric Word of South Festival and Southern Shakespeare Festival. The Tribe, The Marching 100 and high school bands have also joined the ranks, proving that all genres, skill-levels and ages are welcome to perform in the park. 

While a rainy, summer afternoon is always possible in Florida, weather hasn’t deterred ticket sales at Cascades Park. In fact, Mother Nature appears to be on this venue’s side. The air is fresh, the sound is pristine and music can be heard up, out and all around. 


Music Alley 

Across town from Cascades Park, music drifts from Tallahassee’s most recent music complex. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you likely wouldn’t expect The Pavilion, one of our largest music venues, to be nestled within the confines of a shopping mall. But don’t be mistaken — the former Tallahassee Mall is now known as the Centre of Tallahassee. With The Pavilion at its core, music acts as the Centre’s heartbeat.

Elizabeth E. George Photography

Classic rocker Alice Cooper, who has been credited with bringing horror imagery to the heavy metal stage, performs at the Centre of Tallahassee.


The Pavilion is a spacious covered area that can fit 10,000 seats, has the same sound system that Madonna uses and is cooled with 15 gigantic fans. In its first year of entertaining, The Pavilion hosted performers such as Rascal Flatts, Sublime with Rome, Taking Back Sunday, The Steve Miller Band, Blackberry Smoke and Alice Cooper. 

“Tallahassee is fitting for this type of venue, and it was time,” said Molly Lord, a representative from The Pavilion at the Centre of Tallahassee. “We are the capital, and we are a growing, modernizing town with a lot to offer. I recently read an article that concert-goers are said to live longer, happier lives. We want people here to do that.”

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