March-April 2017

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Finding Happiness

Wanna Take it Outside?


Three poets share sources of inspiration.

Drum Roll

Tallahassee making noise as a music town.

Chaplain's Notes

Discovery uncovers timeless sermons.

Great Outdoors

A novice conquers fears on a zipline course.

Checking His List

Jay LaVia has a fondness for all things feathered.

Feeding the Need

Food for Thought Pantry keeps FSU students nourished.

Trend Cycling

High-tech bicycles offer low profiles, light frames.

Healing Together

Doctor-nurse team delivers compassionate care.

Full STEAM Ahead

Arts curriculum complements science instruction.

Retro Sneakers making a comeback

You may be glad you hung on to that old pair of “Chucks.”

Mickey Moore

Mickey Moore likes the feeling that comes with being put together well.

Yesteryear is today's trend

Bell-bottom pants and wide-sleeve tops are back.

Spring Salads

It’s time to toss and dress the products of your winter garden.

Hilltop Country Store

The Hilltop Country Store is worth the drive it takes to get there.


Think of gin as flavored vodka.

Bards of Tallahassee

The Southern Shakespeare Festival brings the bard’s works to life.

Tales of Yordon

Columnist Gary Yordon is the butt of his own hilarious anecdotes.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Venvi Art Gallery focuses on color and creativity.

The Ties that Bind

Honesty is fundamental to the relationships among The Currys.

Multifunctional Furniture

Multi-functional designs are overtaking the furniture world.

State of Preparedness

Prepare for the worst with an at-home emergency kit.

The Joy of Koi

Fish add a certain “je ne sais koi” to backyard ponds.

How to Grow Edible Ginger

Ginger plants add lush foliage to your landscaping.

Sweeping Silver Lake Acreage

Ravishing Remodel

A Harbored Home

Isn’t It Grand?

Canyon’s grandness is a calming influence.

Keeping Monarchs Aloft

Migrating monarchs make St. Marks a stopping-off point.

Llosa, Not Lost, in Peru