Why Boston Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Beautiful Boston

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As the sun starts to set, the Boston Harbor and Financial District take on new life, glowing on the chilly waters of Massachusetts Bay below. 
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When concocting the perfect getaway, there’s a recipe that never fails.

Just combine two parts cultural and historic happenings with one part culinary adventure. Add a splash of waterfront access. Sprinkle in major league sporting events and boutique shopping to taste. Allow ingredients to marinate for a minute, and voila!

Out pops Boston.

A decidedly youthful city, Boston’s winding (though never sleepy) corridors make it a delicious destination for wanderers. Street after cobblestone street, Bostonians provide locals and visitors alike with an array of entertaining and enriching pastimes. Everywhere one turns, private art galleries, fine and casual dining establishments, fun excursions and eclectic shops abound.

And if you like the water, Boston’s authentic nautical vibe cannot be beat.

“I think it’s great in all seasons,” said David O’Donnell, media relations manager of the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Of course it’s well known in summer, and in fall with the foliage, but it is a town of four seasons. Throughout the year we have great museums, cultural scenes and performing arts.”

Whatever is on your traveling menu, Boston’s bustling streets full of living history, “wicked good” seafood and cozy brownstones are sure to hit the spot.

The Boston Tea Party Museum, in Boston, Massachusetts
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Founding Fathers

Bostonians’ unwavering dedication to the Red Sox might play a part in their reputation as a prideful bunch, but their sense of self-respect stems from something much more than the obvious.

History has everything to do with it.

“Boston is the birthplace of the American Revolution,” said Judith Karlaora, a longtime Bostonian and a historic interpreter/tour guide along the city’s famed Freedom Trail. “America began in Boston.”

She’s right. As the Thirteen Colonies’ first major metropolitan hub, much of our nation’s earliest history resides in Boston. A stroll along the city’s well-designed Freedom Trail, which ushers walkers through decades of colonial and early American history, will prove it.

You’ll be amazed at what you can see.

For example, in the middle of a congested intersection, alert onlookers will note where the first snowballs were thrown during the Boston Massacre of 1770. Those were the balls of ice that goaded the American Revolution.

Farther up the trail, situated between luxury high-rise condo buildings, swanky office suites and an active law school, is the Granary Burying Ground. Beneath lots of trees lie the remains of John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere as well as approximately 5,000 other souls, although only 2,300 burial markers are present.

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