March-April 2013

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Dressing the 'Urban Graduate'

Russell Simmons teamed with renowned designer Joseph Abboud to create a new men’s fashion line, Argyleculture.

To the Ends of the Earth … and Back Again

Argentina’s patagonia region offers natural adventure and fabulous food!

March/April 2013 Agenda

The latest on Tallahassee's movers and shakers.

The ‘Natural’ Solution

More and more, african-american women are abandoning relaxers and enjoying the hair they were born with.

Hip Workout Gear

Working out never goes out of style, in fact it only gets more and more high tech and hip. Check out our short list. You'll want to grab this gear and get moving!


Java. Brain juice. Battery acid. Day-starter. No matter what your pet name for it is, coffee is a permanent fixture of our daily lives.

The Back Roads of Memory

In early 1987 I was 16 and got my license to drive. What could top the electric sense of freedom that comes with having an operator’s license? Owning my First Car, of course.

Your Daily Chopped Challenge

Hungry? Competition winner Chef Joe Rego shares recipes and tips for home cooks seeking dinner inspiration.

Hello Kugel

Allow us to introduce Kugel. Delicious Jewish home cooking with ingredients ranging from apples to cabbage and Noodles to Matzoh.

Warm Up With Beef Stew

Looking for a few go-to recipes? look no further

It’s Just Business

An editorial trend I have seen in some of the city magazines that I consider to be ahead of the curve is a devotion of editorial space to covering the real estate industry.

20 Minutes to Tone

If you find yourself with 20+ minutes you want to devote to exercise, add in a few more workouts and you'll be in that coveted bikini before you can blink!

E–asy As 1, 2, 3

How to assure customers your business hires only legal workers.

Tunes to Get You Moving

If our playlist didn't get you moving, one of these is sure to do the trick. Shoes, smoothies or tunes — find what gets you motivated, get out and go!

The Buzz

Where to go when you want to be in the know.

What’s Old is New, And It’s Easy Too

While furniture painting has been around as long as people have been leaving rings on the coffee table, Chalk Paint takes the craft to a much more enjoyable level.

You’re Fired!

If you find yourself constantly negotiating and accommodating, sometimes the best approach is to just stop.

The Lawn Whisperer

Want healthy grass? Pay attention, and your grass will tell you when it needs watering and fertilizer.

Foreign Influence

It’s easy to be the host family for a foreign “exchange” student. Teenagers from another country are just like the ones in your home right now: They talk in their own language, have their own rules and need to be taught where to put their dirty clothes.

Business Speak

Gray Swoope, is Florida’s Secretary of Commerce and president and CEO of Enterprise Florida Inc.

My Housing Crisis

The Great Recession really did a number on the real estate business, turning that house-as-a-good-investment lore on its head.

All Fool’s Day

On April 1, it’s time to get your prank on. Pay attention to these dos and don'ts to remain friends on April 2.

Ode To Sludge

Without what is more commonly called the sewer plant, we’d be in a heap of (stinky) trouble.

Managing Your Online Reputation

The modern reality is, businesses live or die by the Internet. Consumers increasingly check online reviews before choosing.

Easter Son Rise at Sunrise

Easter arrives March 31, but before diving into those baskets of treats, consider joining one of Tallahassee’s churches for their annual sunrise service.

What Would the Dowager Do?

“If it’s not good history, it’s not good drama,” Florida State University history professor Dr. Charles Upchurch told a rapt audience of “Downton Abbey” superfans at WFSU’s December fundraiser at the Challenger Learning Center.

The State of Real Estate

Experts say the signs are encouraging — and Tallahassee is slowly recovering from that burst-bubble, home sales hangover.

15 Minutes to Tone

Even the busiest schedule has 15 minutes available somewhere — learn to maximize, and you’ll be in your favorite skinnies in no time!

Sand Volleyball

With sunshine, Jimmy Buffet tunes and tanned young women playing in the sand: Florida State University’s sand volleyball team brings the beach to Tallahassee.

The Shrinking Capitol Press Corps

Recession changes how Florida government news does (and doesn’t) get into your hands.

A Splash of Zany

You’ve probably never seen a chartreuse dog — unless you’ve spotted one in a Pattie Maney painting — and wow, that green pup pops against the azalea-pink background.

Monarch of the Spring

Spring is a magical time of rebirth in the woods. Plants and animals shake off the waning grasp of winter. Many mating rituals unfold in the animal world, including the wild turkeys.

Deal Estate

This new sponsored section in every issue of Tallahassee Magazine takes a look at the area’s real estate market and offers advice from seasoned professionals.