March-April 2011

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Walking School Bus at FSUS

FSUS students hop (and skip) aboard the Walking School Bus

From the Editor

A letter from the editor of Tallahassee Magazine

Two Paws Up

In just a few years, the Animal Service Center has evolved from a controversial and dysfunctional municipal shelter to an award-winning facility that engages the community while serving the region's companion animals.

Jean Trips

Looking for a quick weekend getaway with minimum planning and maximum return? Hop in the car and get ready to meet the neighbors!

Doggie Daddy

Christian Ponder and his dog Dallas.

What’s New @ Home

Building is in a funk, but there are plenty of new and exciting products for the home in 2011

Seminoles’ Other Top Team

FSU got an alumnus, an academic and a proven fundraiser when it hired Eric BarronThe Seminoles’ Other Top Team

Wakulla Lodge: A Blast from the Past

Buyer's Paradise

Calendar of Events

Gulf County Hospitality

Sorry or Safe?

How today’s tech could be affecting the health of the millenial generation

In Focus

These specs are specially made for office workers

The Dresser

Corinne Mathis volunteers to make Red Hills’ course a thing of beauty

Until There’s a Cure

Living with Parkinson’s disease and the people who are meeting the challenge

It's No Mystery

A short story about Sherlock the English Setter and how he found a happy home thanks to Big Dog Rescue.

For the Animals

How Ninja's life was saved.

Story of a Supper

For Jews, Passover’s Seder is a meal with a story on the side.

One to Watch: Ken Foster

Teaching the joy of bike riding

Film Festival 101

How to separate your oeuvres from your auteurs at the Tallahassee Film Festival

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Old Medicine

Mad Dog Construction

Mad Dog Construction, how does your roof garden grow?

From the Publisher

A letter from the publisher of Tallahassee Magazine

First Course:

Grown Locally

Transforming Tracy Brown

Not So Senior After All

The Greening of Sopchoppy

Youth to Power

Florida’s Tower of Power

Dealing with dirty screens and keyboard

How To: Clean Your Computer