July-August 2018

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Cowboy Past Preserved in Leather

By breathing new life into saddles, restoration expert keeps traditions alive

GBGH Brings New Style to Tallahassee Living

Heads are turning to see GBGH Construction’s latest residential projects in Tallahassee.

Nathan Archer: The Arts Live Here

Humble, Luxurious Gem Set in Emerald Bay

Sweeping views of Choctawhatchee Bay in a quiet, pleasant, family- and dog-friendly beach neighborhood

Conquering Curriculum

Bright Futures scholarship kept first-generation American’s dreams alive

Order Spirits and Pizza at Warhorse Whiskey Bar

Sip a Tallahassee Julep in the hot summer heat

A Refined Dining Experience at the Hawthorne

With local ingredients and homemade fare

Berries Are the Perfect Fillings for Summer Pies

Pick from the season’s bounty for homemade pie

The Wilbury Brings Heat With Funk, Rock and BBQ

The place is smoking, but the venue is non-smoking.

Club Seminole Masters Swimmers Pursue Goals One Lap at a Time

Come on in, the water is just fine

For Dapper Allen Thompson, It’s Always Sunny in Tallahassee

With a warm smile, old-school charm and a gentleman’s hat.

Tallahassee Top Singles 2018

The most charitable group to date

Celebrating 80 Years of Tallahassee Nurseries

The history and many evolutions in the nursery trade

Pesky Backyards in Summer

Resist pests but protect beneficial bugs

Watercolor Society’s Members Share Fascination With the Imprecise

Water media is a passion for many in our region

Novel Sneak Thief by Faith Harkey Is Infused With Magic

Fictional Sass, Georgia is transcending the ordinary

Public Defenders Blend Law and Social Work to Reduce Crime

For public prosecutors, their duty is to seek justice.

Cap City Video Lounge Celebrates Tallahassee’s Weird Side

A home for film lovers, but also people who like the weird stuff

Retired Coach Maintains A Beloved Memorial Trail For a Friend

A long time running

TCC, FAMU Students Meet State Leaders in Ghana

History lessons come to life

Anne and Colin Phipps Have Lived Exotic Lives

Explored the world separately, then blended their lives to become a Tallahassee dynasty

For Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, Differences Fuel Vast Creativity

The VanderMeers are a study in stark contrast and aligning interests.

Convertibles Lend Joy to Summer Road Trips

Going topless in style

Big Man, Big Heart

A student shows us the way

Doin’ the Stand-up Thing