July-August 2013

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The New 76ers

Enjoy this trio's musical "revolution."

The Shapes of Music

Singing praises in a unique way.

Breakfast On the Go

Quick and Easy Weekday Meals Worth Waking Up For — And Why You Should Eat Them

From Broadway Star to Star Faculty

Michael Hayden teaches the acting craft.

How to Make Homemade Potato Salad

Learn how to make one of America's favorite casual side dishes.

Gear Up for Biking

Tips for gearing up to bike in Tallahassee.

July/August 2013 Agenda

News from around the business world.

Jo Ostrov’s Five Acres of Paradise

So much to see in Jo Ostrov's backyard.

Modern Weddings, Southern Style

Weddings with a modern Southern style.

Classy and Elegant Weddings Making a Comeback

After Decades of Themed Weddings and Over-the-top Receptions, Classy is Making a Comeback

Planning a Wedding Using Pinterest

There’s No Need For a Groom When You’ve Got Pinterest

Professional Bridesmaid

Want to be a Bridesmaid? Here’s the Job Description.

Extend the Wedding Festivities With a Destination or a Hometown Welcome

More couples are opting to extend their nuptial celebrations through a weekend, giving family and close friends more time together, more fun and more memories.

The Thrill of Kiteboarding

A sport that takes you to new heights

At Paisley Café, It’s All About Relationships

There is something inviting about Midtown’s Paisley Café.

Top Single Profile: Cydeon Trueblood

Top Single Profile: Kara Duffy

Top Single Profile: Jean Bates

Top Single Profile: Tony Bajoczky

Top Single Profile: Steve Adams

Top Single Profile: Daniel Sinor

Top Single Profile: Katie Juckett

Top Single Profile: Cole Zimmerman

Top Single Profile: Zach Stipe

Top Single Profile: Kyli Ringeman

Top Single Profile: Brian Bohm

Top Single Profile: Doug Dolan

Top Single Profile: Meghan Kelly

Top Single Profile: Adam Komisar

Top Single Profile: Heather Akers

Top Single Profile: Robert Durrance

Meet the 2013 Tallahassee Top Singles

Meet the sizzling singles for the 2013 Tallahassee Top Singles event!

Website Kickstarter Matches Idea People With Micro-Capitalists

Business, with a little help from your friends.

Building Out Downtown Tallahassee

New Developments on its Outskirts, as Retail and Residential Grow

Traditional Beauty in SummerBrooke

Home full of traditional Southern charm.

Location, Condition, Renovations Sell Another House in Just Three Days

If you’re going to live in the city center, Midtown is just the place.

WaterSound Beach

Relax in the Ultimate Condo in The Crossings Along Gorgeous 30A

Mortgage Strategies

Low Rates Make Even Low Down Payments a Good Idea

Hope for the Brain Injured

A new life after brain injury.

Should We Use Genetic Testing?

Genetic Testing Offers Answers, But Should We Be Asking the Questions?

Tallahassee Magazine July-August 2013 Preview

Child-Friendly Themed Bedrooms

Fun rooms that grow with your kids.

A Dad's Guide to Girls

A Playbook for Fatherhood.

How to Grow Warm-Weather Plants in a North Florida Yard

Growing tropical plants in North Florida.

Pets... And Their People

A cart full of pugs, an assortment of pooches and a handful of cats enjoyed a brisk morning at the Pets and Their People event.

Steve Evans’ Ethical and Business Advice Will Leave a Lasting Legacy in Tallahassee

Steve Evans has spent his retirement years giving advice that changes lives, businesses, nonprofits — and possibly the future of our hometown.

The Buzz

Where to go when you want to be in the know.

Grab a Seat and Unwind With Tallahassee’s Old School Bartenders

Life behind some of Tallahassee's most hopping bars.

Mentoring is a Fine Art — and a Selfless Gift

The People Who Stop

Football Facts

Key stats about your favorite hometown college teams

Leon High and the Everlasting Endowment

A million reasons to support Leon High School.

Kim Barnhill Looks Out for the Health of All Floridians

Her job is keeping Florida Healthy.

Whooping Cranes in SouthWood

Endangered Whooping Cranes visit SouthWood.