July-August 2012

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Balance for Life

Over the years, increased awareness about the dangers of falling has led many to look into how to build and maintain good balance.

Same Old School Lunches?

Parents and schools alike are looking for new ways to earn “A’s” for healthy lunches.

Dog Days

Enjoy a few facts about man’s best friend and the summer sky.

Downsized Desserts

Tastes trend toward smaller sweet treats, but the explosion of taste remains the same

Not So Uniform

Even if your school requires a uniform, there are several ways to stand out in a crowd of plaid and khaki.

July/August 2012 Agenda

The latest on Tallahassee's movers and shakers

The Wedding of a Lifetime

We have put together a dream team to make one lucky couple's dreams come true.

Paul and Alana’s Wedding Blog

Alana and Paul were given everything they would need to create the wedding and honeymoon of their dreams.

A Modern Take On an Old Good Luck Poem

Something old, something new Something borrowed, something blue And a silver sixpence in her shoe

An Exquisite Beginning

A lucky couple receives the first-ever Exquisite Beginnings Wedding Giveaway…and now it's happily ever after.

Destinations in Our Own Backyard

Why travel halfway around the world when some of the best wedding destinations are right here?

Nine Weddings, Nine Experiences

Nine Weddings, Nine Experiences: The Little Details Made Each of These Celebrations Special

Hen Houses

Looking for pets that earn their keep? Well look no farther than your neighbor’s chicken coop.

Tallahassee Top Singles 2012 Video

Meet Our 2012 Top Singles

Top Single Profile: Lisa Barclay

Top Single Profile: Sean P. Donovan

Top Single Profile: Nicholas Kent

Top Single Profile: Tripp Farrell III

Top Single Profile: Cliff Englert

Top Single Profile: Brandi Young

Top Single Profile: Bill Wilson

Top Single Profile: Leslie Connell

Top Single Profile: Gina Pitisci

Top Single Profile: Keith Dean

Top Single Profile: Karen Smith

Top Single Profile: Lauralee Moore

Top Single Profile: Cory McFarlane

Top Single Profile: Melanie Lee

Top Single Profile: Randall Mills

Top Single Profile: Marc Mitchell

Top Single Profile: Elizabeth Mack

Top Single Profile: Ann Hudgins

Shrimp on the Barbie — And More!

It’s outdoor grilling season. Before you crack open the grill, remember it doesn’t have to be all steaks and kebabs.

Let's Do Lunch

Join us for a tasty tour of Tallahassee

It Keeps You Running

Robin Safley is quite busy these days, settling into her new gig as director of the state’s Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness.

Helping Out When Disasters Large and Small Strike

Red Cross helps people every day — literally — right in their hometowns.

FSU Football Equipment

FSU Seminole football uniforms are as much a part of lore as the Heisman Trophy winners.

Pinterest, Fad or Fabulous?

Pinterest is social media’s newest sweetheart.

Not-So-Haunted Mansions

What could be more attractive than a vacation place located in the Walt Disney Resort?

The Fixer

Indie filmmaker Fred Rabbath makes the most of his outside perspective.

High Voltage Entrepreneur

When he was 8 years old, Dave Hoxeng would drift off to sleep listening to his crystal radio set, his dial already set to a lifetime in the radio business.

Olympic Memories

Training to be an Olympic-class athlete is no mean feat. It’s relentless. You’ve got to want it.

Old Fort Houstoun Perseveres

Fort Houstoun remains a well-defined reminder of how close the war came to Tallahassee.

Sculpt a ‘Cool’ New You

A new medical spa in Tallahassee,* offers a “cool” alternative.

Bring On The Brass

Local Band Thinks It’s Time for Their Big Brass Sound

A Brave, New Dating (Or Whatever-You-Call-It) World

I applaud wildly the 18 men and women who have been named Tallahassee Top Singles — they’re diving into the dating pool headfirst!

Remembering Our Youngest Patriots

When mom or dad is in the military, children are called on to serve, too

The Buzz

JULY AND AUGUST: who’s where and what they’re doing.

Wild Florida

Leslie Peebles creates surprisingly detailed pictures carved on linoleum, made into block prints using black ink then hand colored.

Throw Yourself Into Disc Golf

Disc golf is a relatively new sport that is gaining fans across the globe. You may be asking yourself, “What is disc golf?”

The Fashion & Model University

FAMU has a reputation in the University community — and in Tallahassee — as THE fashion-forward university.

Summer on the Coast of Maine

A summertime visit to Maine should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Salt Safe

Coastal gardening has its own set of conditions and rewards…what plants grow best at the coast?

Looking Good

18 brave souls will be auctioned off at Tallahassee Magazine’s Top Singles event, July 21 at Hotel Duval.

Jewelry for Your Home

Dazzling chandeliers make a dramatic statement.