July-August 2011

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Top Single Profile: Larry Prada

Meet Our 2011 Top Singles

Eighteen eligible singles are all dressed up for their favorite charitable causes Instant Attraction

Top Single Profile: Casey E. Walton

Top Single Profile: Sarah Duncan

Top Single Profile: Mallory Brooks

Top Single Profile: Michael Himmel

Top Single Profile: Adam Corey

Top Single Profile: Regina Hall

Top Single Profile: Johnny Devine

Top Single Profile: Kristen Hensley

Top Single Profile: Lance Lozano

Top Single Profile: Amy Forman

Top Single Profile: Kim Eldridge

Top Single Profile: Frank Whitley

Top Single Profile: Cal Brooks

Top Single Profile: Jill Chandler

Top Single Profile: Ryan Dungey

Top Single Profile: Caroline Conway

EnvyHow You, Too, Can be King of the Grass

How to create a lawn that will have neighbors green with envy

Pyrotechnicians Gather to Put the ‘Wow’ in Your Fourth of July Fireworks

Fireworks aficionados have a blast in Monticello

Yellow Fever Was the Scourge of Tallahassee and Surrounding Towns in 1841

In frontier days, yellow fever was the scourge of Tallahassee

Refreshing Drinks Beat the Heat

Give your body what it’s craving this season: a cold drink

Experts Blame Obesity for Early Puberty in Today’s Young Girl

Overweight can mean early puberty for young girls

Unplug From the Electronics and Enjoy a Hike at Leon Sinks

Get back to nature at the Leon Sinks.

Castaways Get a New Life at The Sharing Tree

The Sharing Tree gives new life to our castaways

Here They Go Again

A letter from the publisher of Tallahassee Magazine

Make the Most of Your Next Camping Excursion With Portable Feasts

Enjoy a great meal in the great outdoors

The ‘Round Holiday Inn’ Gets New Life as an Environmentally Friendly Hotel

Downtown landmark hotel gets a new life as a Sheraton

The Skinny on Fat

All about fat. And it’s not all bad news.

Watchman on the Wall

Tallahassee’s most popular morning talk radio show host has a passion for community, faith, family ­— and doing the right thing

Skin Care for Guys

Skin care: It’s not just for women anymore

Andalusian Adventure

Exploring the natural beauty of Spain’s Andalusia region

40 Years Later, Reunion Re-Integration

They Thought They Had the Race Thing Figured Out, But Discovered It Wasn’t All Black and White

From Dates to Mates

A letter from the editor of Tallahassee Magazine

One to Watch: William Lamb

Be on the lookout for WIlliam Lamb's natural designs.

Personality: Sylvia Ochs

For decades, Sylvia Ochs has brought verve and commitment to high-profile community projects.

Beat The Heat

Ceiling fans bring a “wind chill” to rooms using less electricity