July-August 2009

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30 Years of Tallahassee: Take Another Look at Stories From the Past

Tallahassee Magazine turns 30 this year, and in honor of the occasion, we’re revisiting one story from each year the magazine has been published. From plans for the abandoned Waterworks buildings in 1979 to last year’s high-gas-price-inspired bump in bus ridership, it’s a nostalgia trip through the magazine’s pages.

Experience Florida in the Civil War

Extra Exercise on the Go

Imagine being able to improve posture and muscle tone just by wearing special shoes.

Recipes Through the Decades

Fried squirrel, anyone? A quick trip into our recipe archives reveals some interesting finds.

What Mid-Life Crisis?

Sometimes, there’s no need to put away your childish things.

The Wonder from Down Under

Tea tree oil is a natural remedy for a plethora of common maladies.

When Dating Turns Dangerous

Dating violence is more common than you might expect. Find tips to identify potentially abusive relationships.

Tiny Jewels Aflutter

Attract hummingbirds — those jewel-like, flying wonders — to your own backyard

Digitize Your Documents

Let technology digitally protect important documents if you have a house fire or other catastrophe

With This Ring

It’s the day most girls dream of — walking down the aisle and pledging lifelong love

The Big Decision

Parents, be advised. The college admissions process is more complicated and competitive than it was a generation ago.

Native Leaders

Two generations of campers have enjoyed canoeing, camping and making new friends at Camp Indian Springs.

Ultimate Fetch

Field dog trials take skill, intelligence and patience on the part of both dog and its owner.

It’s In Your Blood

The journey of a blood bag explains the importance of sharing your own “liquid love.”

Crowning Achievements

Lawyer, pageant winner and community activist Beth Shankle Anderson is the reigning Mrs. Tallahassee.

Cecilia D. Homison, Opens Up About Her Views

The new CEO of Florida Commerce Credit Union explains her philosophy on life and work.

History and Science Come Together at Oak Ridge

Clean with a Hint of Green

Why spend money on expensive cleaning solutions when you can use natural, effective ingredients you have in your pantry?

Marie Mattox Isn't Your Average Attorney

Marie Mattox is a tough attorney with style, who’s taken on a variety of cases related to workplace legal issues.

Backwards and Forwards

Thirty Years and Still Going Strong

Is It Done Yet?