Eating Responsibly and Well

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Scott Holstein


with Fitness Trainer Keith Hansen

Tallahassee Magazine: What do most of your clients struggle with when it comes to eating healthy?

Keith Hansen: I think that one of the most common things people struggle with is social situations. Especially in Tallahassee, we’re a drinking town with a football problem.

I have a client who Monday through Friday is very healthy and he eats very clean. But every weekend he’s relaxing with friends and pounding back the beers. When it comes to what his goals really are, it slows down his progress. It slows it down to a crawl.


TM: Is there anything you tell your clients to help them stay on track? 

KH: Eat when you’re hungry. Don’t eat when you’re not hungry. When it comes to mindless snacking, we tend to make poor choices.


TM: Are there any exercises in particular you recommend to achieving weight loss goals? 

KH: Outside of someone who has a specific cardio-vascular centered goal, like running a marathon, everyone else needs to be doing strength training. You’re going to burn fat while you’re strength training. You’re going to continue to have an elevated metabolism for the next 36 hours. And you’re going to build more muscle. 


TM: What is your basic dietary advice for clients?

KH: When you want to lose weight, your diet is number one. And it’s probably number two, too. What I like to coach people on is just eating real food. Something you’ve cooked yourself — not anything that’s come from a box. Eat your meats, eat your vegetables.


TM: What does your ideal client look like?

KH: A lot of times people go to trainers because they want to lose weight, lose fat or lose inches. But when people come to me for strength training, they gain things —  strength and confidence among them. 

And Athena is such a great example of that. I have a lot of respect for her. I don’t know what she was doing before, but she’s made a complete lifestyle change. No weakness. She’s gone from no exercise and dining out a lot, to eating great 95 percent of the time. Between that and exercising with me four hours a week, she’s
been able to drop serious weight. 

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