Eating Responsibly and Well

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We offer a guide to eating in ways that are kind both to your body and to the environment. Hint: unadulterated foods consumed just the way Mother Nature serves them up are hard to improve upon. And we find that there are foods that truly do build strong bodies in multiple ways.


For many of Tallahassee’s healthful living enthusiasts, living right means eating well. A fresh start for 2016 has our environmentally savvy residents and body-building geniuses, alike, sharing their most intuitive lifestyle changes yet. 

A Stronger Diet

Eating Strong Plays a Key Role in Getting Healthy


You there! Yeah, you, yoga pants. Put the tumbler full of raw eggs and cayenne pepper down and move away from the elliptical. There’s an easier way to kick 2016 off to a healthier start. 

For those dedicated to a fitter lifestyle, a new theory of common sense fitness is beginning to take shape in Tallahassee. Being strong, it states, is better than being skinny. It’s a concept Athena Landy, owner of Bare Waxing and Skin Care Centers in Tallahassee, has taken to heart. 

“I went in really knowing nothing, I guess in a weird way I was a trainer’s dream,” admitted Landy. Since beginning her strength training with coach Keith Hansen, a Florida State business school alumni and the founder of Seriously Strong Training, Landy has steadily and healthily lost 175 pounds (or a total of over 100 inches) since December 2014.

Along with four training sessions a week, Hansen offers nutrition advice to Landy and clients like her. Though not a licensed dietician, Hansen’s circuit in professional weight training competitions has given him a unique perspective on fuel for overall fitness.

“I’ve tried working out on my own before,” said Landy. “I was on really strict diets and Weight Watchers and things like that. It was fine for a little while but it was nothing sustainable.”

These days Landy enjoys simple homemade dishes like grilled chicken or fish, steamed vegetables and a realistic side of her favorite starches. 

“I’ve learned to repair my thinking about nutrition,” she said. “What I’m doing right now is not a diet that I’ll continue to do until I hit my goal weight and then stop and coast for the rest of my life. It’s how I eat and how I’m going to eat forever. For me, that means eating foods that make my body feel good and eating whole foods.”

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