January-February 2013

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January/February 2013 Agenda

Moving, shaking and other business. These are the who's who in Tallahassee's business arena.

Colorful Cuba

Take a photographic tour of the people, places and culture of this beautiful island that time forgot.

Valentine’s Day mix-and-match

What’s a single girl to do on Valentine’s Day? Try an ‘expert's’ advice to all the single ladies.

A Home-Grown Restaurant

Miccosukee Root Cellar: Local food and local flavors in a restaurant with local roots.

From the Tuscan Sun to Tallahassee

Enjoy these recipes from author Frances Mayes’ “Under the Tuscan Sun.”

SKINNY night out

Need a night on the town? We'll show you how to cut calories, not fun, with a SKINNY night out.

Where Have All the Oysters Gone?

Florida’s once bustling industry is drying up.

Celebrating the Catch

Find out who won this year's Biletnikoff Award, a heavyweight award with a Tallahassee connection.

The Buzz

Where to go when you want to be in the know.

Mystery Itch

What starts as a minor rash could be the awakening of a debilitating virus. The truth about shingles.

Little Gems

In the effort to keep our environment lush and beautiful, Leon County is kicking off the New Year with its 21st Adopt-a-Tree Program.

Rabid, or Not Rabid?

If you aren’t 110 percent certain who the cat is or that you’re willing to die in a rabid stupor, take the shots.

¡Viva Red Hills!

The Red Hills Horse Trials three-day event is an equestrian triathlon that tests a rider’s skill and a horse’s endurance.

Tanning in a Bottle

Make your Brazilian bronze glow this season with these simple tips on how to smooth on a safe tan.

Yes, You Can Grow Citrus in North Florida

Yes, you can grow citrus in North Florida.

Shades of Grey

Resolutions aren't always so black and white … there's always shades of grey.

So Glad It Is Over

Being an eternal optimist, depression is not in my vocabulary, but the relentlessness of the 2012 election cycle stirred up a bit of anger.

A Heart for Horses

Tales of two horses: The often hungry and neglected horses who go on to find new homes through the auspices of Triple R Horse Rescue.

Fired Up About Glass

Women who practice the art of glass. Interested? Find out where you too can see and buy glass art.

Linked In

Social media with business in mind: Tips from the pros for business social networking.

Beauty and the Bed

Looking for the perfect bed for a perfect night’s sleep? Here are a few tips from Bedfellow's Gina Proctor.

A Colorful Past, A Bright Future: Mobile Bay

Everyone can find enjoyment in Mobile … a getaway that gives you a taste of the deep south.

Cool-Weather Camping

Pitch a tent this winter … it's a great time to not-so-rough it in Northwest Florida's State Parks.

Doctor. Soldier. Entrepreneur. Life-Saver.

The Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet, a new invention that can save soldiers’ lives.

Just a Mood … Or More?

Early warning signs of depression in children and what you can do to prevent and treat it.

Your Heart, Your Health

Here are some statistics on the cost of cardiovascular disease and how you can learn to prevent it by eating and living better.

The Grove Reborn

Home to two Florida Governors, Tallahassee's public treasure, the Grove, gets a new owner and a makeover.

Alzheimer’s Project Cares for Caregivers

This group cares for the caregivers. A local nonprofit reaches out to support unsung heroes.

Seven Déjà vu

Popular artists from festivals past return for a Seven Days of Opening Nights Encore: Tallahassee’s signature cultural event.


Check out how to jazz up your polish. Your best accessory is right at the tip of your fingers.

Behind the Scenes

It’s a fixed cycle, but there’s nothing stationary about this bike! Hop on a RealRyder at Sweat Therapy for an exciting hour of exercise.

I Resolve

Local experts tackle common New Year’s resolutions.

Spotlight: Alchemy

The secretive, mysterious speakeasy, this time in Midtown as Alchemy Spirits & Concoctions.

40 UNDER 40

With a combination of ambition, compassion and innovation, these young professionals are proof that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Florida.