January-February 2012

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In Focus: Osteoporosis-Fighting Fruit

Prunes every day can keep the osteoporosis away

Food & Nutrition Myths Demistified

Everything you thought you knew about nutrition — debunked

Scrum Fun

Opponents become friends after rough-and-tumble rugby games

A Businesslike Spirit

The Rev. R.B. Holmes seeks to minister to the “body, mind, spirit and soul.”

A Week for the Children

Florida’s Capitol becomes a classroom during Children’s Week A Week for the Children

To Everything a (Renewed) Purpose

Creativity and inspiration can turn castoffs into home décorTo Everything a (Renewed) Purpose

One to Watch: Marc Bauer

Hotel Duval’s Marc Bauer has changed the way we view Tallahassee

A Rendezvous With Chocolate

It’s sure to be a sweet night at Covenant Hospice’s Chocolate Affair

Valentine’s Day Reminds Us It’s Time to Prune Those Rose Bushes

Prune in February for beautiful roses in the spring

Fifteen Going on Four

In 2012, it’s possible to be 4 going on 16?

Doctor Blacksmith

After a medical career, it’s back to blacksmithing for Charlton Prather

Hanging It Up For Good

Knowing when it’s time to hang up the landline

Pretty. Ugly.

A letter from the editor of Tallahassee Magazine

His Plea: Shine a Light

When post-partum depression goes beyond the “baby blues,” the results can be tragic

In Focus: Better Eyesight While You Sleep

Want better vision? We suggest you sleep on it

Art Meets Business

It’s an office building! It’s an art gallery! 1020 Lafayette is both!

Light Your Fire

Dig pit. Make fire

Let the Seller Beware

What’s the deal when you’re selling — or buying — gold

Ugly Dead Things

An explanation why animals cross the road, and what us humans can do to minimize fatal encounters

Puttin' On The Glitz

A Tallahassee take on the world of kiddy beauty pageants

Big Time Tallahassee

The Last Word

Steve Jobs Made A Huge Difference

A letter from the publisher of Tallahassee Magazine

Think Globally, Bead Locally

Team Unity creates jobs by teaching the craft of jewelry making

Tallahassee Magazine's Digital Flip-Book Edition for the 2012 January/February Issue