January-February 2010

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In the Mood

How to design living spaces with “some enchanted evenings” in mind

Army Wings

Pilot Harry Harper has spent an adventurous career up in the air


From the Editor

A letter from the editor of Tallahassee Magazine

Leaders in Luxury

Two new boutique hotels are smaller, sassier and open for business

One to Watch

Lee Daniel says Tallahassee has more to offer visitors than just football and the legislature

First Course

Be they ever so humble, root vegetables offer nutrition they can brag about

From the Publisher

A letter from the publisher of Tallahassee Magazine

Seven Days at a Glance

Plan your cultural calendar with this easy guide to Seven Days of Opening Nights

Post Cards from the Past

Post card collecting has led Florida State University graduate Andrew Bachmann to create a pictorial history of his alma mater. With more than 10,000 cards, is it his hobby, his obsession … or a little bit of both?

Just Call Him Harry

Not ready for mandatory retirement in England, Nobel Laureate Sir Harold Kroto joined the chemistry faculty at Florida State University

Beyond Black and White

One couple’s collections offer a historic timeline of the black experience in America

Happiness Is …

Do we need to seek out happiness, or does it find us when we’re not looking?

Home Trends in 2010

The Last Word


Gov. Napoleon Bonaparte Broward represented the “little man” and dredged the Everglades

First Person

Living the life of a cop on two wheels

Watchdogs For Kids

Campaign for Children asks you to speak for youngsters in the Capitol

The Resolutions Revolution

Resolve to “revolutionize” your eating habits in the New Year

This Litter Brother Has a Big Idea

In Focus: Kettlebells

The benefits of kettlebells