January-February 2009

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Cat Ranching

What do you get when you combine a former builder, 500 cats and a village of thigh-high houses? Caboodle Ranch, a refuge for abandoned, stray and feral cats.

To Be, or Not To Be?

Tallahassee’s proposed performing arts center will likely cost $90 million or more in tax dollars. Is it worth it? And will residents have to give up needed infrastructure to pay for it? We present the pros and cons.

Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like Ink

How An Individual’s Concern Can Overcome the Indifference of Many

Myth of the Perfect pH Diet

Can you eat your way to perfect (pH) balance?

Bursting With Flavor

Beyond the Bare Bulb

Cave Dwelling Turned Man Cave

Your Heart Is In Your Hands

Long Story, Short Ending

7 Days On The Road

Find out who’s starring in this year’s Seven Days of Opening Nights.

Virgil Hawkins’ Righteous Fight to Become a Lawyer

The story of Virgil Hawkins’ heroic choice to apply to an all-white law school and fight for his right to join The Florida Bar.

Fair Trading

Call Me Rosetta

Tools for School

Helping those in need with “off season” school supply drives.

New Year’s Money Resolutions

A few tips to guide your New Year’s resolutions for better money management.

Legislature’s ‘Dean’

Liza McFadden Shines Light on a Good Cause

Liza McFadden encourages local women to loosen their purse strings for a good cause.

30 Years: Evolution Series

‘The Pain Is Incredible’

Masters of Their Craft

A ‘Passionate’ Relationship

Pensacola Pride

A Hand Up to Independence

30 Years: Arts/Culture

30 Years: Automotive/Transportation

30 Years: Kids

From the Publisher

Down on the Farm

Organizers Cancel Red Hills Event in Tallahassee

30 Years: Evolution Series

30 Years: Financial

Drivin’, Datin’ and Hurtin’

30 Years: Beauty/Fitness


In Focus

Test Drive

One To Watch: Charles Darwin

There’s No Place Like Tallahassee

Playing it Safe with ICE and ECI

From the Editor

Generation Next