January-February 2008

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Muslim Cultural Exchange

Mark Twain said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice.” Experience Turkey through the eyes of a Tallahassee tour group, whose visit served to dispel the notion that an Islamic nation is unsafe for American travelers.

Lights! Camera! Accolades!

The Film School at Florida State University hit on a winning formula that pairs small classes of talented students with seasoned professional instructors. Now, the nationally recognized program is poised for the ultimate payoff – a thriving Florida-based film industry populated with homegrown talent.

Home-grown Beauty

Miss Florida and Miss Black Florida share their connections to our community, the causes they promote, and their plans for the future as they compete for national pageant titles in 2008.

Remember AIDS?

Standing Steel

GreenSteel Homes and K2 Urbancorp Lay the Foundation for a New Housing Phenomenon in Tallahassee

The ‘It’ Appetizer


On the Other Side of Grief

GreenSteel Homes Get Start in Carabelle


High on Her Horse

Your Business