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'Next' January-February 2018


Glenda and Archie have been cutting it close for 47 years.

Mutual Respect November-December 2017

Mutual Respect

Amos Dickey and Devoe Moore: a team for 52 years.

All the Write Words September-October 2017

All the Write Words

Authors Barbara Hamby and David Kirby share many loves.

Police and their pups July-August 2017

Police and their pups

A man’s best friend protects our community

Union of Contrasting Perspectives May-June 2017

Union of Contrasting Perspectives

Dean Gioia and Amy Wetherby on perspectives and paintings.

Healing Together March-April 2017

Healing Together

Doctor-nurse team delivers compassionate care.

The Home Run Approach January-February 2017

The Home Run Approach

This father-son duo takes us out to the ball game.

The Grass Is Greener On Their Side November-December 2016

The Grass Is Greener On Their Side

Gabe and Saralyn Grass have a love that brewed over beer.

Telegenic Chemistry September-October 2016

Telegenic Chemistry

Ann and Audra: cohosts, best friends and comedians.

Their Relationship is All In July-August 2016

Their Relationship is All In

Husband-and-wife team sweats things out together.