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That Certain Look January-February 2018

That Certain Look

Model, actor and educator Ruth Hobbs dresses to impress.

Carry It Well January-February 2018

Carry It Well

A new generation of leather bags is hot in offices.

What's in Store November-December 2017

What's in Store

Shopping for gifts is an occasion at these galleries and boutiques.

Festive Dressing November-December 2017

Festive Dressing

Bring on the velvet: Holidays bring out the lavish in attire.

Dominick Ard’is November-December 2017

Dominick Ard’is

Dominick Ard’is brings style and edge to entrepreneurship.

Finding the Right Scent September-October 2017

Finding the Right Scent

Find your signature cologne.

Keeping Time July-August 2017

Keeping Time

A timeless, time-keeping classic: the watch.

Breezy and Strappy July-August 2017

Breezy and Strappy

Put your best foot forward in summertime sandals.

What’s In Store? May-June 2017

What’s In Store?

A roundup of retail happenings.

Putting Your Best Face Forward May-June 2017

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Put your best face forward with these facial trends.