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The Moses Basket Project January-February 2018

The Moses Basket Project

Female inmates send love by the basketful to mothers and their newborns.

'Next' January-February 2018


Glenda and Archie have been cutting it close for 47 years.

That Certain Look January-February 2018

That Certain Look

Model, actor and educator Ruth Hobbs dresses to impress.

No ‘Garden Variety’ Gal January-February 2018

No ‘Garden Variety’ Gal

Everything’s coming up roses for Annette McGuffey.

Miss FAMU January-February 2018


Homecoming pageantry is only the beginning for the university’s royal courts.

Dying is easy; comedy is hard January-February 2018

Dying is easy; comedy is hard

Hey, Tallahassee, why are you laughing?

Tom  Flanigan January-February 2018

Tom Flanigan

Revered for his local reporting, Flanigan mainly wants citizens to listen to each other.

A Miracle Kind of a Place November-December 2017

A Miracle Kind of a Place

Grace Mission rekindles nobility in broken lives.

A Tribute Well Deserved November-December 2017

A Tribute Well Deserved

Flight honors service to military, country

Mutual Respect November-December 2017

Mutual Respect

Amos Dickey and Devoe Moore: a team for 52 years.